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Love is in-store: Valentine’s Day 2024 inspiration

Love is in-store graphic, with two pink smartphones angled to create a heart as the letter "v."

When you think of Valentine’s Day, chocolates and flowers probably come to mind, but the wireless device in your hand can do more to help make the occasion more special. Keep reading to learn about tech, apps, and activities perfect for celebrating the day of love.   What to do on Valentine’s Day 2024?    […]

Conquer your 2024 New Year’s resolutions with the best tech

Say goodbye to 2023 and hello to new beginnings. Picking 2024 New Year’s resolutions is easy but sticking to it is where things can get challenging. Check out these wireless devices and apps to help you stay focused on your goals.   Define your goals You may be wondering how to keep track of your […]

4 tech tips for the ultimate tailgate party

Tailgating Tech Blog - group of people tailgating outside

Tailgate season opens each year on the first Saturday of September. That means it’s time to scrub down the grill, pull on your favorite jersey, and scope out the best spaces in the parking lot. Our tips will help you throw the ultimate tailgate party.   What is tailgating? Tailgate parties are time-honored events. They […]

Cellular Sales celebrates 30 years in wireless

An old Cellular Sales storefront from the 90s, when it was still called CellularOne.

The year was 1993. Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” ruled the airwaves. Gas was only $1.11 a gallon. It was a magical time. That same year, Dane and Meg Scism founded Cellular Sales in Knoxville, Tennessee, selling phones, plans, and other Verizon services. This would be the beginning of a journey that has […]

Here’s a first look at Apple iPhone 14, iOS 16

Apple starburst logo from 2022 event, "Far Out."

Apple just unveiled its latest iPhone lineup. This year’s event, Far Out, highlights the infinite possibilities of Apple devices. The unveiling featured Apple’s most innovative Pro series yet, along with new Apple Watch models and the long-awaited AirPods Pro follow-up. Here’s a recap of everything you need to know about the exciting new products. What’s […]

Incorporating technology in the classroom and at home

A Black woman with natural hair, is kneeling and smiling up at her student, a young boy in a striped shirt. In the background, a white man uses a chalkboard on an easel with another child.

Students today are immersed in digital technology, at home and at school. Why not incorporate the devices they use every day into the curriculum? The internet, smartphones, and tablets benefit teachers and students alike. Here are some ways technology in the classroom improves the learning experience. Creates an engaging environment Technology can help encourage students […]

Wireless charging vs. wired: what are the benefits?

Two smartphones sit charging on a table, one wirelessly and the other with a portable charger.

Your smartphone is your assistant for everyday tasks. From FaceTiming friends, to scrolling social media, to watching movies, it all takes a toll on your battery. The next time your battery is low, you won’t have to worry about deciding wireless charging vs. wired. In this blog, we’ve listed the benefits of both, so you’ll […]

Better phone privacy with built-in security tools

An Asian woman with glasses holds a tablet in her hands and stares down at the screen.

Threats to your data are more widespread and harder to detect than ever. Make it difficult for criminals to invade your phone privacy or access photos, financial info, and other sensitive documents. Use your device’s built-in tools and available services to check “improve security on my phone” off your tech to-do list. Understanding mobile threats […]

Best apps for school: what every college student needs

Two young women sit at a table, using a tablet and stylus. One woman is wearing a white blouse and the other is wearing a pink and black plaid shirt.

Going to college is exciting, but it can also be stressful. You’ve got to buy books, move into the dorms, take exams, make friends — the list goes on. Make the transition smoother with the wireless tech you already have. Below, we’ve gathered the best apps for school that every college student should download. Prep […]

August is Family Fun Month — here’s how to celebrate

Two young girls dance and smile as their parent records a video on their smartphone.

Summer may be winding down, but Family Fun Month is just beginning. Before school, work, and extracurriculars take over, try some of the following activities and create special memories with your family. DIY pizza bar Pizza night is an easy way to get everyone involved, regardless of age. First, set up your Samsung Galaxy Tab […]

“Is it good to let your phone die?” Tips to boost your phone battery

A phone sits on a desk, charging. The green battery icon on the screen reads, "82% charged."

Our smartphones let us surf the web, play games, point us in the right direction, and serve as a mobile movie theater. This can all drain a lot of battery. Some phones, like Google Pixel 6 Pro, have smartphone batteries that can last over 22 hours. The Kyocera DuraSport can last a staggering 26.3 hours. […]

Top apps everyone should have on their phone

A young Black man wearing a denim shirt sits at a table. He's wearing a Bluetooth ear bud and smiling down at his phone.

Apps are the soul of a smartphone, and say a lot about the person who owns it. When it comes to social media, productivity, health, fitness, entertainment, and games, the options are endless. We’ve put together a list of the top apps everyone should have on their phone. Most popular social media apps New apps […]

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