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Better phone privacy with built-in security tools

Threats to your data are more widespread and harder to detect than ever. Make it difficult for criminals to invade your phone privacy or access photos, financial info, and other sensitive documents. Use your device’s built-in tools and available services to check “improve security on my phone” off your tech to-do list.

Understanding mobile threats

These types of attacks target you when using your mobile devices, like 5G smartphones or tablets. By taking advantage of vulnerabilities in the software, hardware, apps, email, and websites you use, they can access or even steal your data.

One of the most common threats include “phishing,” where an attacker pretends to be a reputable company or person to get your information. Another is “malware,” which is a code or file that — when opened of downloaded —can infect your device or steal data. And never underestimate the everyday risk of simple theft.

Always be conscious of your smartphone privacy

A few simple rules can greatly improve your cell phone security.

  • Don’t click on links from a source you don’t know or trust
  • Track your app-based charges and purchases carefully
  • Configure your WiFi network to block unauthorized access
  • Keep track of your phone to prevent loss or theft
  • Use the tools on your device to further protect your data

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Security for smartphones: built-in features

If you’ve got a newer phone, like the sleek, high-powered motorola edge 5G UW, you already have tons of security tools at your disposal. Here are three measures you can put in place right away:

First, set up a PIN, password, or biometric lock. FaceID on iPhone 13 Pro allows you to open your device with just your face. This helps keep prying eyes off your phone when not in use.

Second, create a secure folder. The Samsung Galaxy S22, for example, lets you place photos, videos, apps, and private documents into a folder that’s accessible only to you. That way, your precious memories and sensitive data are better protected.

And third, manage your data and app access. Using the Google Pixel 6 Pro‘s enhanced controls, you can use the security hub to manage your settings. Protect your apps, Google account, and passwords from one place.

What else can I do to increase security on my phone?

Besides locking down your phone, using secure folders, and setting permissions on what your apps can access, there are more ways to protect your phone privacy.

For instance, know what to do in case you misplace your phone. Share your location with a trusted friend, use your carrier’s mobile app, and use Find My (on iOS) or Find My Device (Android) to track your phone or lock it remotely.

And when using WiFi in public places, minimize threats with a mobile hotspot. The powerful and portable Orbic Speed 5G UW gives youand up to 30 WiFi-enabled devices a secure, long-lasting 5G connection anywhere you go.

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Get Verizon Mobile Protect

Even when you take precautions, there’s always a chance you’ll simply lose your phone, putting your information at risk. In that case, you need a safeguard.

What is Verizon Mobile Protect?

Simply put, Verizon Mobile Protect gives you coverage in case of damage, loss, or theft with same-day repair and replacement. You also get Mobile Secure, which provides 24/7 access to Tech Coach, Security Advisor, and premium digital security tools. At only $17/month for one device, it’s an excellent deal for peace of mind.

Sign up when you purchase a new phone or during an open enrollment period.

Shop 5G smartphones, enroll in Verizon Mobile Protect, and get all the help you need to improve your phone privacy at your local Cellular Sales.

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