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Incorporating technology in the classroom and at home

Students today are immersed in digital technology, at home and at school. Why not incorporate the devices they use every day into the curriculum? The internet, smartphones, and tablets benefit teachers and students alike. Here are some ways technology in the classroom improves the learning experience.

Creates an engaging environment

Technology can help encourage students to actively participate in class. With an app like Kahoot, students play engaging trivia games to review the lesson plan. Set up a live Kahoot that allows students to join whether they’re using iPhone 13 Pro Max in class or learning virtually with Samsung Galaxy Tab S8.

Appeals to different learning styles

No student learns the same way. Meeting the needs of different learners is an ongoing task for educators, but technology can help bridge the gaps.

Tablets in the classroom give verbal learners access to videos, podcasts, or lectures to aid their understanding. Teachers can use Apple iPhone to Airdrop images, videos, or text from their laptops for visual learners. Or accommodate aural learners with audio content.

Encourages active learning

Interactive lesson plans turn a boring concept into a fun, engaging, and most importantly, educational experience. Use tech to take classes on virtual field trips. Explore landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, or the Great Wall of China.

Visit National Geographic’s YouTube channel to transport students worldwide with videos discussing different cultures, foods, animals, and more. Project the videos for the whole class or let students explore independently.

Now that you know the benefits of technology in the classroom, let’s explore how to incorporate the wireless devices you already have.

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Say yes to smartphones

Once upon a time, smartphones were a big no-no at school. They were seen as a distraction, but phones can be used as tools in the classroom. With their smartphones, students have easy internet access and tons of educational apps.

Students can use Remind 101 to sign up for text reminders on their Google Pixel 6. They’ll get notifications when upcoming assignments are due. Parents can also sign up to stay on top of their child’s studies.

Teachers may be worried that allowing cell phones in class will encourage bad behavior. However, incorporating the app Class Dojo will do the opposite. Students make their own avatars to gain and lose points based on their classroom behavior and participation. As a bonus, teachers can also use it as an alternative way to take attendance.

While students work, connect Samsung Galaxy S22 to a Bluetooth speaker and play classical music or nature sounds as background noise. The smartphone’s 5G capability delivers lightning-fast speed with no lag time. Or use it to play educational stories. Apps like iBooks or Audible have tons of options to choose from. Students can follow along with their books or listen together.

A person holds a stylus with a tablet in their lap, doing math lessons.

Technology in the classroom: tablets

A tablet is the ideal tech accessory every teacher needs. They’re portable and fit right in a work tote or backpack. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G includes an S Pen stylus perfect for marking essays or taking notes.¬† Snap on a keyboard to send a quick email or a tablet folio to watch a video from your desk.

Tablets can also benefit the entire class. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A has dual speakers delivering surround sound throughout the classroom. Perfect for playing audiobooks or educational podcasts, the lightweight design makes it easy to create immersive and engaging lessons.

Teachers with Apple iPad Pro can also download Mobile Mouse. With the app, the tablet’s screen becomes a touchpad with mouse and keyboard buttons.

Connect with students remotely

Wireless devices make it easier for teachers to work with remote students and provide plenty of ways to educate and connect. It also gives more learning opportunities to students being homeschooled.

E-books are great for at-home learners. There are loads of options right at their fingertips. Students, teachers, or homeschooling parents can access options for entertainment or research from their smartphones.

Remote learners can participate in online discussions or edit work using collaborative workspaces like Google Docs.

Successful remote learning requires a dependable internet connection. Verizon 5G home internet is reliable and fast enough to power your whole home. All the TVs, tablets, phones, and gaming consoles can run on the same fast and reliable network without disruptions. There are no data limits, plus no extra payment for equipment.

Educator discounts on tech

Wireless devices have a significant positive impact on education, so there are many compelling reasons to include technology in the classroom. To help keep educators focused on helping their students and not on their bills, teachers can save up to $25/mo on all our Unlimited plans.

Visit your nearest Cellular Sales to learn more about our teacher discount and explore the latest devices.

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