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Cellular Sales FAQs.

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FAQs about Verizon home internet.

Is Cellular Sales owned by Verizon?

No, we are independently owned. Cellular Sales was founded in 1993. From a single location in Knoxville, TN, we've grown to nearly 800 stores across 40 states.

What's the difference between Cellular Sales and Verizon?

We’re Verizon’s premier retail partner. That means you’ll receive the same Verizon products, services, promos, and warranties, but with our signature in-person service.

What does a Cellular Sales consultant do?

Our consultants work with you one-on-one to ensure you’re getting the best devices and solutions for your needs. They’ll help you get the most out of your tech and your plan, and provide insight into more ways you can save money and create a fuller, richer wireless experience.

How is Fios different from cable?

As opposed to copper used in cable internet, Fios fiber optic offers higher speeds, reliability, and bandwidth. That means uploading and downloading are equally as fast. That makes it better for streaming movies and tv shows, online gaming, video calls, and more.

Billing, payment, and fees

I qualified for a specific promotion. When will it be applied?

Some Verizon promos may take up to one or two billing cycles to appear on your monthly statement. If it doesn’t appear after two cycles, contact your wireless consultant who can follow up.

What if I didn't receive a promotion, discount, line of access, or contract term I was promised?

If you feel you’re missing a discount or promotional item, reach out to your wireless consultant so they can help investigate the missing item further. If you don’t have a consultant, find your nearest Cellular Sales store, and a team member there will be happy to assist you.

How do I pay my bill? Can I make a payment over the phone or online with Cellular Sales?

We don’t currently take bill payments for your device or Verizon service, but you have a few convenient options to access your payment and account information:

  • Visit one of our stores
  • Download the MyVerizon app, or
  • Log in to Verizon Wireless’ online payment site
Why is my bill so high or why doesn't it reflect the amount I was quoted?

Factors like pro-ration, one-time charges, overages, additional features, insurance, promotions, etc. may be affecting your bill. If you need more information, reach out to your wireless consultant and they can help investigate this issue further.

What is a device setup service and why was I charged for one?

Device set-up is a standard Cellular Sales fee that covers in-store, in-person service of transferring data, contacts, photos, etc., and is charged at the point of sale. If you were charged incorrectly, please reach out to your wireless consultant or visit a store.

Why was I charged an activation or upgrade fee?

The Verizon activation fee is a one-time charge for adding a new line, or upgrading an existing line on your Verizon account. Both activation and upgrade fees are different from the device set-up fee, which is charged during your in-store visit.

Device returns and trade-ins

How long do I have to return my device?

If your wireless device is subject to a Device Payment Agreement or to a two year Verizon service contract, you have 30 days (with the purchase date being Day One) to return or exchange your device. For more information, please refer to our Return Policy.

How do I return a device out of state or at an event?

Use our online store locator to find a nearby Cellular Sales store and stop by to begin the return process. Restrictions may apply.

Can I return or trade non-contract devices and accessories?

The 30-day return/exchange policy only applies to devices which are subject to a Device Payment Agreement or to a 2-year Verizon service contract (“Contract Devices”). It does not apply to devices which are not Contract Devices (“Non-Contract Devices”), nor does it apply to any other products sold (“Accessories”). Returns of Non-Contract Devices and Accessories are at the discretion of Cellular Sales based on purchase date, condition, and other applicable factors, and Cellular Sales reserves the right to reject any return of a Non-Contract Device or Accessory. Gift cards are not eligible for return except as required by law. For more information, please refer to our Return Policy.

What if I traded in my device and want it back?

All trade-ins are final, but we may be able to help with a similar device or other alternative. Visit a Cellular Sales store to learn more.

Why am I still paying for a device I returned? That line was supposed to be canceled.

Contact us about your issue and we'll do our best to help.

Inventory and account services

How do I find out if a device I want is available at a store near me?

Choose a location on our store locator to find the nearest Cellular Sales location and we’ll be happy to check if the device you’re looking for is available.

How do I switch to Verizon from another carrier?

Stop by any Cellular Sales location to open a new account and switch to Verizon service.
Before coming in, though, please be aware of the following:

  • A credit check is required, and certain fees may apply
  • When you activate a new line with Verizon, you’ll have the option to transfer your current mobile or landline number from another carrier
  • Most phone numbers are eligible for transfer to Verizon from another carrier
  • Some numbers may be limited based on geography, service area coverage, technology, or ownership of the line you’re transferring the number from
How do I create a new account?

We’re happy to help you do that. Simply visit any of our retail locations to speak with a wireless sales consultant. To find a Cellular Sales near you, use our online store locator.

Can I get help with transferring my information from an old phone to a new device?

Absolutely! Our knowledgeable Cellular Sales consultants are always happy to help. You’ll receive expert-level insight and service in moving your important files, photos, and data to your new smartphone.

How do I submit for a Verizon gift card promotion or check my status?

We can help you with that. Contact your consultant or visit one of our stores and we’ll try to look into your status. You could also check the Verizon online rebate center.

Resources and tech help

Where can I get help troubleshooting my phone?

Our team will help you with any technical questions and work with you to find solutions. You may also find the answers you need by using Verizon’s smartphone and tablet simulators to explore and learn more about your device.

Who do I contact for a warranty or to make an insurance claim on my phone?

We have insurance options to cover your device in case of damage, loss, or theft. Come to a store to speak with a consultant to review your account and learn about the best ways you can protect your device.

Inventory and account services

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