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Conquer your 2024 New Year’s resolutions with the best tech

Say goodbye to 2023 and hello to new beginnings. Picking 2024 New Yearā€™s resolutions is easy but sticking to it is where things can get challenging. Check out these wireless devices and apps to help you stay focused on your goals.


Define your goals

You may be wondering how to keep track of your New Yearā€™s resolutions. Writing down your goals is a good idea, but you need something thatā€™s easier to edit, manage, and wonā€™t get lost three weeks into the new year. Goal tracking on your smartphoneĀ will save you the hassle and allow you to monitor your 2024 New Yearā€™s resolutions in real time.


The Strides app, for example allows you to set goals, track habits, and monitor progress. Your account will even synchronize across all your devices. Check your latest stats at any moment withĀ Apple iPhone 15Ā andĀ Apple Watch Series 9.

Develop a routine

The new year gives you a fresh opportunity to get back on track and stay organized. Here are some easy ways to do it that span across your phone,Ā tablet, and computer.


    • Use an online calendar for all your new year planning and sync it across all your devices
    • Set reminders on your smartphone to keep you on track
    • Declutter your spaces and devices
    • Track your expenses through apps likeĀ MintĀ orĀ Goodbudget


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Prioritize your health

See the progress of your fitness goals in real-time and stay motivated throughout the year with a smartwatch. Tech accessories like theĀ Samsung Galaxy Watch6Ā has Samsungā€™s largest display yet, and allows you to:


  • Count your steps
  • Personalized heart rate zones
  • Share progress to keep friends motivated
  • Advanced Sleep Coaching
  • Set activity reminders
  • Watch to call, text, and play music


Maybe you ordered takeout a few too many times in 2023 and have vowed not to rely so much on late-night deliveries in 2024. Kickstart your healthy eating habits right from your smartphone. UseĀ YummlyĀ to scan ingredients in your fridge or pantry using the camera on your smartphone or tablet. The app will then provide recipe options based on whatā€™s already in your kitchen.


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Get focusedĀ 

If your goal for the new year is to be more focused andĀ better at managing stress, follow these tips:


Sleep more.Ā Track your sleep with your smartwatch. Create a bedtime schedule and wear your watch to bed. Then get insight into your sleep trends.


Meditate.Ā Apps likeĀ CalmĀ andĀ HeadspaceĀ offer guided meditations to help you unwind.


Read a book.Ā Getting cozy on your couch is a great way to destress after a long day. Your smartphone has access to numerousĀ reading appsĀ to fit your taste.


Do Not Disturb. Use this setting on your phone to help stay focused and block any visual alerts.


While your wireless devices can help you relax and unwind, sometimes itā€™s best to unplug (even if only for 5 minutes). iPhones and Android come with features that allow you to track your screen time. You can see your daily screen time average, weekly total, and the apps you spend the most time on. Schedule certain hours where your phone is ā€œoff-limits.ā€Ā Apple iPhone 15ā€™s ā€œFocusā€ feature allows you to set specific hours of the day where only certain apps and phone calls are allowed. The OfftimeĀ app, available on theĀ motorola edge 5G UW, allows you to track your screen time and set limits for yourself. You can also enter modes like work, family, or me time when only certain apps are available.


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Explore new heights

The new year is the perfect time to take a shot at something new. Your wireless devices could make your new ventures even easier.Ā 


Travel more. This year, aim to see more and do more by traveling to a new place. Google Pixel 8’s Live Translation feature could solve travel hang-ups by bridging the language gap during your trip.


Acquire a new skill. Download Skillshare to access thousands of video classes about illustration, design, photography, video, and freelancing. Skillshare also has a quiz to help you develop 2024 goal ideas.Ā 


Master photography. You don’t have to dish out money for a new camera to master your photography skills. Your smartphone can get the job done. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has a multi-lens camera with Vlogger and Director’s View, so you can shoot like a pro.Ā 


Starting this new year, you have 365 days to reach your goals. With some help from wireless devices available at your nearest Cellular Sales, you can conquer all your 2024 New Year’s resolutions.



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