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How to make friends online using community apps

friends meeting up on community apps

It can be hard to form relationships as you grow older. Typing “events near me” into a search engine is a good start, but you can do better. Whether you want to join in group outings or simply find someone to share in a common hobby, community apps offer a lot of ways for you […]

CS Tech Tip: How to take photos of fireworks

person holding up their phone to take pictures of fireworks on the 4th of July

Taking good photos of fireworks and recording video can be tricky, but you don’t need a DSLR camera to capture crisp and clear images. These simple photography and smartphone video tips can help you photograph fireworks using just your smartphone. Stabilize Your Device Whether you’re using a smartphone or tablet to photograph fireworks, make sure your device is […]

How to use your smartphone for passive income

man checking passive income on red smartphone outside

Having a successful side hustle has become more and more common in recent years, with people of all walks of life finding creative ways to earn supplemental income – including passive income. What is passive income? Passive income is a way to earn money that requires minimal labor and little effort from the earner. A […]

How to take real estate photos with a smartphone

realtor takes real estate photos with a smartphone

When featuring a home, one of the fastest ways to get the traffic you want is by posting clear, well-composed photos that display the property’s standout selling points. This is where your smartphone becomes your most powerful advertising aid. If you’ve been wondering about how to take real estate photos with a smartphone, keep reading. […]

How to start a podcast with your smartphone

man recording podcast on smartphone

Starting a podcast may seem like a huge undertaking, but you don’t need tons of expensive equipment or expertise to get started. Using just your smartphone, you can quickly and easily record, edit, and publish your own podcast. Check out these helpful tips and podcasting apps to help you get started. Find your niche When […]

How to get the Verizon discount for nurses at Cellular Sales

Nurse looking at smartphone smiling while holding a to-go cup of coffee - Verizon discount for nurses

For nurses, keeping in touch can be difficult over busy days and long hours. You rely on smartphones to call your loved ones after late-night shifts, smart watches to stay up-to-date while helping patients, and so much more. Wireless technology is a must-have to do your job well and stay connected to those who matter […]

How much is my smartphone worth?

Trade easy at Cellular Sales stores

You and your phone have been through a lot together. From birthdays and remote conference calls, to the time you accidentally misplaced it, it’s been there for you. And for the most part, your relationship has worked out great. But when you’re ready to trade up to a newer model or replace a device that […]

Trade-in effortlessly for unlimited digital possibilities with our TradeEasy™ program

customer trading in old smartphone for new one

You may think your current wireless device is fine. But “fine” isn’t good enough when you could have more with our TradeEasy™  trade-in program. The speed, power, and capability of the latest smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches on the market are now paired with the nation’s largest and most reliable network. It’s time for you to […]

Give back and get involved: where to donate and volunteer in 2021

Group of volunteers in community charity donation center

There’s no question that the past year was a tough one. For some, however, the lack of access to aid made it especially difficult. The holidays are over, but the need for help is still dire. Give back to start the new year right. Consider volunteering your time or donating money and goods to a […]

Nail your New Year’s resolutions with your favorite tech

Tech for New Year's resolutions

No matter what your New Year’s resolutions are for 2021, your favorite tech can help make them happen. From smartphones and tablets, to apps to accessories, give these helpful gadgets a try. With a little digital assistance, you’ll soon knock your resolutions out of the park. Get organized with your smartphone A new year always […]

How to take photos of the night sky with your smartphone

Astrophotography Night Photography

You don’t need a fancy camera and a telescope to take beautiful photos of the night sky. You can capture clear, crisp photos of the stars using just your smartphone. Check out these handy astrophotography tips: Download an app specifically for astrophotography or night photography. Your smartphone’s default camera settings aren’t always ideal for low-light […]

CS Tech Tip: How to prevent your smartphone from overheating

Smartphone overheating summer

If you’ve ever gotten that dreaded error message – “Your phone must cool down before you can use it” – you know how nerve-wracking an overheating smartphone can be. Though it’s usually just a temporary inconvenience, consistent exposure to higher temperatures can degrade your phone battery over time, making it harder to hold a charge […]