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How to start a podcast with your smartphone

Starting a podcast may seem like a huge undertaking, but you don’t need tons of expensive equipment or expertise to get started. Using just your smartphone, you can quickly and easily record, edit, and publish your own podcast. Check out these helpful tips and podcasting apps to help you get started.

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Find your niche

When planning out your podcast, choose a topic you know a lot about or enjoy discussing. This will help you draft future episodes and better plan your content. Plus, the process will be much more fun and engaging for you.
Once you have some topic ideas in mind, do a quick search to see what other similar podcast are or aren’t doing. This will help you stand out and offer a unique perspective.

Determine the best podcast studio set up for your budget

You don’t have to purchase the latest, most expensive recording equipment to start a quality podcast. The only equipment required is your smartphone, though there are plenty of helpful products and accessories that can enhance your recording experience, such as:

Once you’re happy with your podcast studio setup, it’s time to start recording!

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Download these helpful podcasting apps

Luckily, there are several apps that allow you to easily record and host your podcast. The Anchor app has all the tools you need to create, distribute, and even monetize your podcast, all for free. Record your audio in the app, trim and edit, add royalty-free music, and submit your finished product to all available podcast distributors with the click of a button.

Spreaker Studio is another great podcast recording and hosting app that also helps you analyze your podcast’s performance once it has been published. Use your data to adjust your podcast length, topics, and format to better reach your audience. Both of these apps are available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, so you can easily access them from your tablet or smartphone.

Design your podcast thumbnail with Canva

Now that your podcast is recorded and edited, you just need a thumbnail photo. Apps like Canva make creating a beautiful thumbnail quick and easy. For starters, set your image dimensions to 3000 x 3000 pixels, the standard for most podcast cover images. Then, choose from existing templates, upload your own images, and explore Canva’s other helpful features to create the perfect image to represent your podcast.

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Launch your podcast!

Once you have your recorded and edited audio ready, your podcast thumbnail uploaded, and your podcast name and description written, you’re ready to launch! Use Anchor or Spreaker Studio to distribute your new podcast to available streaming platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Stitcher, and more. Though some platforms take longer to process than others, the Anchor and Spreaker Studio podcasting apps make your podcast available in their database right away.

Starting a podcast with your smartphone is easier than you think, and the tools you need to succeed are all in the palm of your hand. Visit your nearest Cellular Sales store to find the perfect smartphone or tablet for podcasting.


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