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Tech for New Year's resolutions

Nail your New Year’s resolutions with your favorite tech

No matter what your New Year’s resolutions are for 2021, your favorite tech can help make them happen. From smartphones and tablets, to apps to accessories, give these helpful gadgets a try. With a little digital assistance, you’ll soon knock your resolutions out of the park.

Get organized with your smartphone

A new year always feels like a fresh start. Using your smartphone to get more organized, both physically and mentally, is a great place to start. Set reminders, make lists, check Pinterest for ideas, and so much more.

If you need some extra help, apps like Todoist are perfect for keeping you on track. Manage your to-do list around the house, keep your child’s schedule in order, add to your running grocery list and more, all in one place.

Stay fit with your smart watch

Being more active is a common resolution that’s made simpler with a smart watch. You’ll be able to see your progress in real time and stay motivated throughout the year.

With smart watches like the Apple Watch Series 6 and Samsung Galaxy Watch3, you can:

  • Track your steps
  • Monitor your heartrate, sleep activity, and more
  • Complete fitness challenges
  • Share progress with your friends
  • And more

For even more tips and helpful apps, check out our blog all about using technology to reach your fitness goals.

Read more with your tablet

Maybe 2021 is the year you conquer your ever-growing reading list. A lightweight, portable tablet is perfect for reading books on the go. Access your local library’s eBook selection online, use services like Audible, or download your favorites from the app store. You can also track your to-read list using the Goodreads app.

Travel safely with a MagicMount

Obviously, 2020 impacted our travel plans quite a bit. If 2021 allows, travel more and travel safely with the Scosche MagicMount. The mount keeps your device steady as you drive. Navigate to your destination, take calls, and use voice-activated apps without taking your hands off the wheel or your attention from the road.


Expand your musical horizons with Apple Music

It’s easy to fall into a music rut, but new music and artists are waiting to be discovered. Even better, you can find them all in one place. Apple Music features a massive variety of curated playlists tailored to your taste in music, plus some playlists full of music you’ve likely never heard of. Try your hand at making your own playlists, too, and share them with the folks you love.

Whether your New Year’s resolutions are big or small, easy or difficult, tech can help make your goals a reality. Cheers to a great year!

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