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Find the best wearable tech for seniors at Cellular Sales

More and more older adults are considering testing the water with smartwatches and other wearable tech. These devices can add a greater sense of security, connection, and entertainment to their lives. And with recent innovations, there are compelling health reasons to consider wearable tech for seniors. 


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Selecting the right smartwatch for seniors

Everyone wants to maintain independence as they age. Smartwatches can help you stay healthier longer, especially when exercising or living alone. Track your steps, heart rate, and location. You can even contact emergency services and notify your loved ones during an emergency. 

With so many smartwatches on the market, you may need help choosing the right one. Find the best wearable tech for seniors with our guide.


Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic Black

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic has the look of a traditional wristwatch with all the benefits of a smartwatch. 

Galaxy Watch4 Classic has practical health and safety features, including fall detection and SOS messaging. It can track heart rate, oxygen levels, lung endurance, stress levels, and notify you when you need to relax. It also allows you to share the health readings directly with your doctors through the Samsung Health Monitor app. 

Check out other helpful apps to download on your device in our Top 10 best apps for seniors blog.


apple watch se

Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE is a budget-friendly option for seniors who want to stay in touch but feel uncomfortable with a smartphone. You can set up the Apple Watch for seniors with a family member’s iPhone using the Family Setup feature. Your watch will then get its own phone number that allows you to send and receive texts and calls with no iPhone connected. 

Although the smartwatch does not include a blood oxygen or heart rate monitor, it does keep track of your daily activity and measures all your favorite ways to work out. It will tell you to move if you stay steady for an extended time. If you aren’t walking enough, the watch will display how many more steps you should get in each day.


galaxy watch4

Samsung Galaxy Watch4

The Galaxy Watch4’s large display is a standout feature, making it easier to see more at a glance.    

One major benefit for seniors is the fall detection feature. The smartwatch will automatically send an SOS message to a designated emergency contact with your exact location. The Galaxy Watch4 gives you and your family peace of mind and provides entertainment and fitness motivation. 

The Galaxy Watch4 can track exercise sessions, stream music, and allow you to take calls and texts. Get accurate readings on body water and skeletal muscle percentage, metabolic rate, and Body Mass Index. You can even connect with friends for a fitness challenge. The Galaxy Watch4 helps you stay healthy, active, and social.


apple watch series 7

Apple Watch Series 7

With music streaming, messaging, and calling, wearing Apple Watch Series 7 is like carrying your smartphone on your wrist. This option is especially great for tech-savvy seniors. 

Get access to valuable tools that allow you to stay on top of your health inside and out. Apple Watch uses a ring system to track your daily activity, including how long you sit, move, and how many calories you burn. It’s even water-resistant, so you can keep track of your progress while swimming or moving and grooving during water aerobics. 

Apple Watch Series 7 features an electrocardiogram (ECG) system capable of detecting if you’re experiencing cardiac abnormalities. The always-on altimeter tracks your blood oxygen and heart rate levels, sending notifications if it detects anything irregular. The Emergency SOS feature automatically contacts emergency services if it detects a fall from Apple Watch users. 


senior woman with JBL BT500 headphones

Wearable tech gifts for seniors

Senior interest in wireless tech is on the rise. We’ve found the best wearable, simple-to-use accessories to pair with your devices.

Securely carry your smartphone with the Nimbus9 Finger Grip. It sticks to the back of your device and allows you to hold your phone more easily, along with preventing screen shattering drops. It also doubles as a phone stand for easy hands-free use.  

Use the JBL Tune 510BT to stream all the music, audiobooks, news, and sports you want with no strings attached. Connect to Siri or Google without even touching your mobile device and use the wireless headphones to make hearing your phone calls even easier. 

They also work as TV headphones for seniors. Pair them with your TV, turn up the volume and stream your favorite shows about travel, food, wildlife, DIY, and history on Discovery+ with 5G Ultra Wideband.



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