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Top 10 best apps for seniors

More than 60% of adults ages 65 and older own a smartphone, according to Pew Research. Seniors may have a great wireless device, but don’t know how to take full advantage of what it can offer. With thousands of apps for seniors on the market, picking the best one can be intimidating.

You can become a tech expert in one week with our smartphone basics for seniors. Once you’ve mastered your device, it’s time to customize your smartphone or tablet with apps to improve your daily life. Our must-have apps for seniors can help you decide what to download. 


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Stay entertained and engaged 

 Hulu for iOS and Android 

If you live far away from your loved ones but still want to connect for a movie night, you’re in luck. Hulu offers more than just streaming options. Hulu’s Watch Party feature allows you and your friends or family to stream movies or shows together simultaneously, even if you’re hundreds of miles away. Use the group chat to discuss what’s happening on the screen. 

A tablet is a great solution if you don’t want your smartphone to be preoccupied while watching. Apple iPad 10.2 9th Gen. has an all-day battery, so you can binge-watch your favorite shows or movies even longer. 

Even better, customers can access the thousands of movies and television shows available on Hulu, Disney +, and ESPN free for six months with select Unlimited plans.

Audible for iOS and Android

If you struggle with a visual impairment or find it hard to read the small text in books or newspapers, then Audible is the app to download. Audible offers thousands of audiobooks to stream, download, and buy. Whether it’s a romance novel, thriller, or self-help book, you can listen at your leisure, wherever you want. 

Lumosity for iOS and Android

Lumosity is one of the top game apps for seniors that features more than 50 brain training activities. The app aims to help improve your memory, attention, and processing speed. You will complete a ten-minute screening before the app personalizes various brain-challenging games to suit your needs. Lumosity will showcase your performance stats and show your improvement over time. 

Lumosity is among the great apps for seniors with tablets. Download the app on the TCL Tab 8” to keep you connected even on the go. The 8” FHD display offers Eye Comfort, Dark, and Reading modes, so you can use it anywhere, without eye strain.  


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Take charge of your health 

Abridge for iOS and Android

Doctors’ visits can be intimidating, and it’s often hard to remember what your physician said. Abridge can be used to record conversations at the doctor’s office. It highlights specific medical terms to make it easier to find the information you’re looking for. If you aren’t familiar with something the doctor said, the app will define those terms. You can also share the transcript with family or caregivers. 

The Voice Isolation feature on iPhone 13 Pro Max minimizes background noise and puts the speaker’s voice front and center, so you don’t miss anything your doctor says. 

Medisafe for iOS and Android

Keeping track of what medications to take and when to take them can be a challenging task. Medisafe helps you manage your medications and your schedule. Once you download the app, input your prescriptions and the time you take them. Medisafe then creates a visual plan that includes images of each pill and sends reminders when it’s time to take them. The app also lets you know when it’s time to refill and notifies caregivers of missed doses. 

SilverSneakers GO for iOS and Android

As you age, it is essential to stay active to protect your heart and bones and keep your brain sharp. The SilverSneakers GO app allows you to set workout plans and find free SilverSneakers workout classes near you. The app will also send reminders to get you up and moving. SilverSneakers is one of the best apps for seniors because it includes audio and video options for strength, cardio, flexibility, and walking workouts. 


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Connect with family and friends 

Google Duo for iOS and Android

You may not get to see your loved ones as often as you would like but staying connected can keep your relationship strong.  With Google Duo, the battle between Android and Apple doesn’t have to get in the way of your communication. The app allows calls between Android phones, iPhones, tablets, computers, and smart displays. 

Family video chats will feel like they’re happening in person with the Motorola edge 5G UW’s Ready For feature. Ready For can move your phone’s apps to the big screen, so others seem like they’re right in the room.

Life 360 for iOS and Android

If you’re gifting the senior in your life a smartphone this holiday season, the Life 360 app is perfect for downloading beforehand. This app allows users to share their location with a network of caregivers, sends alerts when it detects certain movements, and gives users access to a 24/7 emergency response team. 


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Make life easier

Last Pass for iOS and Android

Remembering all your passwords can be tricky, but Last Pass wants to make it easier. The app keeps a collection of all your passwords in a safe and secure place, so you never forget your login information and never have to worry about it getting into the wrong hands.  

Download the app on the Google Pixel 6 for even more security. Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are powered by Tensor, Google’s first-ever processor that keeps your phone fast and your personal information safe and secure.  

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight for iOS and Android

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight is a free smartphone app for seniors that makes reading small text much easier. Have you ever had trouble reading the menu at a restaurant or product labels in the grocery store? The app uses your device’s camera to magnify visuals up to six times their actual size.

No matter what apps for seniors you decide to download, make sure you have a smartphone that can keep up. Visit your nearest Cellular Sales store to check out our current deals, plus learn smartphone tips from our trusted experts.  

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