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Teach Your Grandparents to Become Smartphone Experts in One Week

Wireless technology has quickly become the norm for communicating, connecting, and sharing with the ones we love. Joining the conversation can be more difficult for older generations, however, especially when they struggle to get started with new devices, like the Motorola one 5G ace. But you can teach your grandparents to become experts in one week with our smartphone basics for seniors.

Day 1: Device set up

After helping them find the best cell phones for their needs, the first lesson in your smartphone tutorial for seniors should begin with setting up. Before diving into any features or apps, ensure that your grandparents can use their phones comfortably. Teach them how to turn it on and off, how to charge the battery, and adjust volume levels.
If your grandparents are nearsighted or have trouble with small text, show them where they can adjust font sizes and other settings to make their phones more user-friendly.

granddaughter and grandfather looking at smartphone

Day 2: Email and messaging

When teaching your grandparents how to use a smartphone, start with the tools they’ll use to contact you. Then you can help them out over the phone, via text, or send them more tutorials to watch.

Setting up an email address
New smartphones usually have an email app already installed. If the email service your grandparents use isn’t pre-installed, download their preferred app. Help them to sign up and sign in, as well as set up their priority lists and SPAM filtering.

Built-in texting
Make sure your grandparents can keep up with the latest updates in the family group chat. Show them how to access texts, create new ones, and send. Don’t forget to teach them how to attach photos, videos, and links as well for a fuller messaging experience.

Day 3: Calendars

Keep your grandparents in the loop for birthdays, anniversaries, doctor’s appointments, reunions, and other events. Both Apple iCalendar and Google Calendar offer simple scheduling tools that are quick and easy to use. Make sure they know how to accept or reject an invite, and how to create their own. That way, you’re never left out of any summer barbecues.

senior woman using smartphone outside in city

Day 4: Web browsers

Next in smartphone basics for seniors: navigating online. It’s essential for your grandparents to know how to search for accurate information and stay up to date on current events.

Choosing a browser
For Apple users, Safari comes pre-installed on iPhone. Android phones may come with a native browser or Google Chrome, which is also downloadable through the Apple Store or Google Play.

Using a search engine
While Google reigns supreme (by a large margin), it’s not the only search engine in the game. Bing and DuckDuckGo are also great options.

If your grandparent’s smartphone has an assistant, like Siri on Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max or Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy A51, teach them to use voice commands and queries to get the information they need.

Day 5: Photos and video

Using the camera
Photos of their hobbies, travels, pets, friends, and family (particularly grandchildren) can be some of your grandparents’ most treasured memories. Help them explore and experiment with their smartphone camera settings to get the best shot in any environment.

Saving images
Besides internal storage, some carriers may include cloud storage with their wireless plans. They can also buy extra storage and expanded functionality with cloud services like Verizon Cloud, Dropbox, or Google Photos.

Sharing pictures and videos
Once they’re taking smartphone photos like a pro, your grandparents may want to share them. They should know how to attach images and videos to text messages based on your assistance from Day 2. And, if they seem interested, Instagram could give them new ways to share, discover content, and make friends.

granddaughter helping grandmother setup smartphone

Day 6: Mobile apps

Shopping, banking, healthcare, entertainment, sports, and even travel can be more convenient through mobile apps. Work with your grandparents to see what options would be most useful and engaging to them. Here are a few that you can help them install:
Apple Music
ESPN (with Disney+ bundle)
Google Maps

Day 7: Wireless accessories

One of the best smartphone tips for seniors is setting up an easy-to-use wireless environment. That includes useful accessories, like Bluetooth speakers and charging stations in the house. A dash mount in the car can help them navigate and take calls without taking their eyes off the road. And a protective case will keep their phones safe from drops or spills. With a little time and a few convenient tutorials, you can teach your newly tech-savvy grandparents to become smartphone experts in one week.


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