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What to do after college: consider a career in wireless sales

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So, you’re officially a college grad and are ready for the next steps. Only you may not know what that looks like for you. Do you start searching for your dream job or take a break? Do you work part-time while planning for your next degree? Figuring out what to do after college comes with […]

Verizon Mobile Protect and Home Device Protect offer security and savings

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Safeguarding your wireless tech — and the people who use it — starts with choosing the right products. For Verizon customers, it’s easy to get the support and services you need. Learn more about device protection options below. On the couch: Verizon Home Device Protect Even if you consider your household fairly low tech, you’ve […]

Discover great sales careers in high demand 2021

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When you take stock of your current job, does it allow the flexibility you need to spend time with your family and pursue your goals as freely as you’d like? It may be time to consider a switch to a career in sales, where you can take time off when you need it, and earn […]

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