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Discover great sales careers in high demand 2021

When you take stock of your current job, does it allow the flexibility you need to spend time with your family and pursue your goals as freely as you’d like? It may be time to consider a switch to a career in sales, where you can take time off when you need it, and earn an income to support you comfortably. Below are a few reasons why you should change jobs and join our team at Cellular Sales.

Cellular Sales wireless consultant smiling at excited customer

A career in sales can change your life

With a successful and satisfying career in sales, you’ll have greater freedom to live the life you want. Be present at your kids’ recitals or soccer matches. Make enough to buy the RV you want for your dream road trip. Start a nest egg that will help to secure your future.

“Cellular Sales gives team members the resources, support, and opportunity to build the career of their dreams,” according to Patrick, one of our sales consultants in New England. “I have been given financial freedom and time to spend with my family…They gave me the chance I couldn’t find at any other company.”

At Cellular Sales, you’ll have access to mentorship along with our top sales leaders’ expertise, industry insights, and best kept tips. You’ll learn to align your sales approach with our focus on providing memorable in-person interactions that create lifelong customers.

Here, you’ll be able to advance and build your own future, like Thomas, who began as a sales consultant and was promoted to Coach Lead for his team. He uses his passion to “…influence the new team members and show them how to be successful.”


Cellular Sales wireless sales consultant showing customer a smartphone on display

How much does a Verizon Sales Consultant make?

As a wireless sales consultant for Cellular Sales, your earning potential is virtually uncapped. Your limit is only determined by your drive and willingness to learn from our experienced sales leaders. Once your training period is finished and you begin making sales, you may be surprised by how quickly your earnings grow.

Jonathan, a consultant for only a year so far, says “Joining this company was the best decision of my life…I more than doubled my income from my previous company.”

On average, our Verizon Sales Consultants make between $54-100K or more a year. The positive impact of having a substantial and buildable income on your life is immeasurable. Through a career in sales, you can earn enough to save for retirement, take regular vacations, continue your education, or buy a new house for your growing family.

In fact, Tim, a Verizon Sales Consultant for the past two years, did just that. “This company has given me the luxury of buying my first home and providing a great and comfortable life for my family,” he says. “The flexibility of this job also allowed me to go back to school and get my degree.”


Cellular Sales wireless consultant smiling at excited customer

Make the right move when it’s time to change jobs

You may feel as though you’ve accomplished as much as you can in your current work. Maybe you’re just looking for a challenge to really test your sales skills. Whatever your reasons for wanting to change jobs, a career in sales can provide you with opportunities to learn valuable skills in a competitive market and move into leadership roles.

Without these types of opportunities, your career can feel stagnant. Karli, who joined us three years ago as a Verizon Sales Consultant, felt this way. “…I was living paycheck to paycheck with no hope to advance,” she says. “When I joined Cellular Sales, my life changed.”

For those, like Karli, who are willing to put in the work, we offer the possibility of a better, more fulfilling future through a career in sales. On our award-winning team, we emphasize continued advancement, support, and promoting internally. We build our sales team leadership from within.

When you’re ready to make the leap, invest your time in a company that will invest in you. Reach out to one of our recruiters to learn more about our culture, benefits, and the perks of entering a career in sales with Verizon’s premier retail partner.

Founded in 1993, Cellular Sales proudly serves as Verizon’s premier retail partner. With almost 800 locations nationwide and more than 7,000 employees, we proudly connect customers with top-tier products and services. We were recently named the Verizon Agent of the Year 2021 and have been named to Inc. Magazine’s 5000 as one of the nation’s fastest growing companies nine times. For more information, visit cellularsales.com or follow us on social media at facebook.com/cellularsales and @cellularsales on Instagram. For career information, visit cellularsales.com/careers.

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