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Wireless charging vs. wired: what are the benefits?

Two smartphones sit charging on a table, one wirelessly and the other with a portable charger.

Your smartphone is your assistant for everyday tasks. From FaceTiming friends, to scrolling social media, to watching movies, it all takes a toll on your battery. The next time your battery is low, you won’t have to worry about deciding wireless charging vs. wired. In this blog, we’ve listed the benefits of both, so you’ll […]

“Is it good to let your phone die?” Tips to boost your phone battery

A phone sits on a desk, charging. The green battery icon on the screen reads, "82% charged."

Our smartphones let us surf the web, play games, point us in the right direction, and serve as a mobile movie theater. This can all drain a lot of battery. Some phones, like Google Pixel 6 Pro, have smartphone batteries that can last over 22 hours. The Kyocera DuraSport can last a staggering 26.3 hours. […]

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