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“Is it good to let your phone die?” Tips to boost your phone battery

Our smartphones let us surf the web, play games, point us in the right direction, and serve as a mobile movie theater. This can all drain a lot of battery. Some phones, like Google Pixel 6 Pro, have smartphone batteries that can last over 22 hours. The Kyocera DuraSport can last a staggering 26.3 hours. Below, we answer the question, “Is it good to let your phone die?” and give you more tips to help your battery last longer.

Your screen is too bright

Screen brightness is a significant drain on your phone battery. To conserve power, go into your display settings and turn down the brightness on your screen. Your battery (and eyes) will thank you.

Use power saver mode

Enabling the battery saver mode dims your screen, reduces the screen timeout, and prevents apps from updating in the background. This feature usually comes on by default when your battery reaches 20 percent. You can switch it to come on at 30 percent instead. When your phone charges up again, the feature automatically switches off.

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Watch out for power-hungry apps

One of the first steps to boosting your battery’s life is finding out what’s using your power. Some apps will continue to run in the background, even when you aren’t using them. Delete, disable, or restrict permissions where possible. For apps like Google Maps, Spotify, and other streaming services, preload your maps, playlists, and shows over Wi-Fi before you go out. This will keep those apps from draining your battery.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has an Adaptive Battery feature. Turn it on to prevent apps you don’t frequently use from draining excessive power in the background. The app will help manage your usage and conserve battery power to keep your device running all day.

Is it good to let your phone die?

Batteries come under the most stress when they’re fully drained. Avoid exhausting your battery to 0%. It’s best to keep your percentage above 30. If that’s not practical, try to start charging your phone before it hits 20%.

It may be hard to keep your phone charged if you’re always on the go. The portable PureGear Magnetic Wireless Charger conveniently attaches to Apple iPhone 13 and allows you to continue using it when you’re busy. The Motorola edge is perfect for busybodies who need a quick charge that will last long. In only 10 minutes, the smartphone fuels up for 9 hours of use.

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Don’t overcharge your phone

If you leave your phone on the charger overnight, think again. You assume it’s giving your battery an extra boost, but it’s actually harmful. The battery starts to weaken if it charges beyond 100%. You may not notice a huge difference right away. But over time, your battery’s lifespan will shorten.

Samsung Galaxy S22 has a feature to stop charging after reaching 85%. The Protect Battery setting prevents you from ever overcharging your device.

The PureGear chargers allow you to charge your device fast, so you won’t have to leave it plugged in all night. Boost your battery level to 50-70% in 30 minutes with 45 watts. The standard wall charger would only charge your device 15-17% in the same amount of time.

Keep your phone cool

If you’ve ever wondered how to damage a cell phone battery, heat is your answer. Try to avoid exposing your device to temperatures higher than 95° F. The heat can permanently damage your battery capacity. This means your device won’t last as long on a given charge.

Some chargers can also be the culprit causing your phone to overheat. Samsung Wireless Convertible Stand includes a built-in cooling fan for optimized charging.

How to keep your phone battery healthy

The best way to keep your battery healthy is to use the power adapter that comes with your smartphone. If a charger was not included, check out our blog highlighting the best phone chargers to keep your devices powered up.

If you want more battery life but have a harder time changing your habits, consider purchasing a portable charger. The compact size is ideal for carrying around in your bag or pocket. Or, reach for the moto g power. It can last up to 3 full days on a single charge.

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