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New year, new career goals for 2022

Professionally, there’s little worse than spending another year at an unfulfilling job. When you’re not paid enough or able to broaden your skills, it’s easy to feel trapped. Whether you have an established career or are looking for a well-paying entry level job, it’s important to have a plan so that you’re always ready for your next move.

Set career goals that will help you change jobs, grow into a new position, and accomplish your most important milestones. Keep reading to learn how.

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Identify your career goals

Think about the direction you want to take in your career. The job you have can ultimately affect your ability to achieve what you want most. Career goal examples include:

  • Advancing into leadership positions
  • Moving into a different field
  • Gaining new skills
  • Becoming a subject matter expert
  • Earning more money
  • Beating previous records
  • Building a great team or network


Your goals don’t need to look like anyone else’s, but they should be right for you.¬†


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Build skills that help you meet your goals

You may ask yourself, “Should I go back to school?” A better question to ask, if you’re not interested in the academic route, is, “What do I need to learn to succeed professionally?” A full class load may not be necessary when short courses and certificate programs, both online and in-person, are widely available. Your workplace may even help pay for costs, depending on their policies.¬†

Enrolling in a few business seminars or earning a certificate in data analysis can give you deeper, more nuanced understanding that you can then use on the job. Even completing online courses from resources like Grow with Google or Moz Academy can help you stand out at work and to future employers.

Another way to build your skills is by shadowing or training under someone else, if there are opportunities available where you work. This way, you’re able to hone your skills and knowledge, and will be in a good spot when a position opens up.


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Know when it’s time to find a new job

Even when you’ve gone through your options, switching jobs may still be the right choice for you. Explore companies you’re interested in and even fields you may not have considered before, like sales. Your background can provide unique perspective and advantages when connecting with customers and helping them find products, deals, or services they need.¬†

Find companies that provide great onboarding and training to get you up to speed. Also speak to current team members about the scope of their work, processes, and the company culture. Search for employee testimonials to help you get a better understanding of how a new job might help you meet your long term career goals.


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Tips for changing jobs

When transitioning to a new position or company, knowledge is your most important asset. A new job offers you the chance to learn even more about the industry, and build on your own experience and skill set. When you can, learn from proven leaders in your field. Ask questions to help you work more efficiently and effectively, so you can meet quotas quickly and consistently. 

And if you’re searching for a company that empowers its team and is built on better experiences ‚ÄĒ both for employees and their customers ‚ÄĒ we’re hiring.



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