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cleaning your smartphone

Cleaning your smartphone, inside and out

Updated April 7, 2022

Now, more than ever, it’s important to take the time to clean your smartphone and other devices. Our phones travel everywhere with us. And along the way, they collect all kinds of bacteria. Luckily, there are plenty of safe and easy ways to properly clean your handheld tech and prevent the spread of germs.

Spring (smartphone) cleaning made easy

Here are some quick tips you can use:

Additionally, be sure to only use a soft, lint-free cloth. Other materials can scratch the device screen or surface. Don’t use harsh chemicals. This includes bleach, aerosol, or cleaners that contain hydrogen peroxide. And finally, don’t spray directly onto the device. Instead, spray on the cloth you plan to use.

Products to keep your device spotless

TechTonic High Performance Device and Screen Cleaner is a helpful product to clean your phone, tablet, or smartwatch. It’s eco-friendly, non-toxic, alcohol and ammonia free, and comes in recyclable packaging with a non-aerosol bottle. Also included are a microfiber cloth that’s tough on dirt but gentle on your device, and a ventilated cloth carrying pouch.

TechClean Soapy Wipes are disposable cleaning wipes specifically formulated to remove dirt, germs, bacteria, and viruses. These non-toxic, environmentally friendly, plant-based wipes can be used on all electronic devices.

intelliARMOR UV Shield sanitizes your smartphone and other items with UV-C light to kill harmful germs and bacteria. It’s easy to use in as little as 5 minutes. And, this sanitizing product is small enough to take with you on the go.

Organizing apps, photos, and more

If you’ve noticed your device is running a little slow or you just want to clean up your home screen, organizing your apps can make a huge difference.

First, save all your most precious snapshots, videos, and digital documents. Use a service like Verizon Cloud to back up your photos. It’s good practice to regularly preserve your favorite memories just in case of phone loss or failure.

Next, go through all your apps and remove the ones you never use or no longer want. You can also sort through your camera roll and delete old photos, purge old contacts, and clear out your text messages.

Once you’ve cleaned up all your unwanted apps, it’s time to organize. Here are some different ways you can arrange your apps to best suit your daily life:

  • Group your apps into categories like Shopping, Finance, or Social Media
  • Put your most used apps at the front, like your Calendar or Messages apps
  • Organize your apps by icon color for easy navigation (plus it looks pretty cool)
  • Arrange your apps alphabetically in folders labeled with its corresponding letter

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