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Back up your photos using Verizon Cloud

National Save Your Photos Day is one of our favorite minor holidays. While it’s good to have the yearly reminder, you shouldn’t need one. When it comes to your most treasured memories, the right time to back up your photos is always right now. Luckily, cloud storage services like Verizon Cloud make the task easy to do from your phone.

Saving your photos to the cloud

If you’re nervous about using the cloud or are unsure about what it actually means, you’re not alone. Simply put, the cloud refers to servers you can access over the internet to store, retrieve, an update your data. Keeping your photos on your phone or computer alone is a huge risk. One accident or bit of malware, and your photos could be gone forever. 

With cloud storage, you upload your photos to the cloud via Wi-Fi or your home internet connection. That way, if anything happens – like a system crash or damaged phone – you don’t lose a thing. You’ll still be able to find, download, edit, and save your files even if you switch between your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G and your Apple iPad mini.

Meet Verizon Cloud

When it comes to cloud mobile apps, you’ve got tons of options. However, one of the best cloud storage services we’ve found is Verizon Cloud. It’s secure and easy to use, so backing up photos and videos becomes second nature.

Paired with the blazing-fast speed and reliability of the nation’s leading 5G network, Verizon Cloud is the ultimate tool for saving your pics. There’s no complicated set up to deal with. Install to your phone, tablet, or laptop, and immediately start using helpful features like:

Automatic Backup – Save effortlessly. Sync to your iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac device.

Cloud Stories – Label, organize, and search your way, and revisit your favorite memories.

PIN Protection – Keep sensitive or private data secure with a PIN-protected folder.

Prints & Gifts – Create unique, personalized gifts with select photos right from the app.

The best part about Verizon Cloud is its accessibility. Save every shot from your camping trip while still on the trail. Back up videos from the latest family night dance-off during your lunch break. Upgrade from your current phone to the latest iPhone series. No matter what, you can rest assured that your data is safe.

How to back up photos with Verizon Cloud

To get started, first get Verizon Cloud. Select from three convenient storage options:

  • 600 GB for $5.99/mo.
  • 2 TB for $14.99/mo.
  • Unlimited for $19.99/mo.

Even better, 2 TB and Unlimited allow for up to five users. That’s more than enough for family or anyone else on your plan to store photos, games, videos, docs, and other files.

Once you’re enrolled, download the Verizon Cloud app to your smartphone (Android and iOS), tablet, or computer. You’ll get clear step-by-step instructions to walk you through signing in and setting up, including choosing a PIN, what types of content you want backed up, and whether to sync automatically or manually.

With your personal preferences set, it’s time to back up your photos. Choose directly from your phone gallery or snap away, worry-free, knowing that they’ll be saved by the Verizon Cloud app. 

When in doubt, Cellular Sales is here to help

If you have trouble downloading or using Verizon Cloud on your phone, just come in to one of our stores. You can find us in neighborhoods all across the country. Our reps are knowledgeable and eager to assist, whether you have questions or want to find the best wireless device for your needs. We’ll help you celebrate Save Your Photos Day every day.

Founded in 1993, Cellular Sales proudly serves as Verizon’s premier retail partner.  With almost 800 locations nationwide and more than 7,000 employees, we proudly connect customers with top-tier products and services.  We were recently named the Verizon Agent of the Year 2021 and have been named to Inc. Magazine’s 5000 as one of the nation’s fastest growing companies nine times. For more information, visit cellularsales.com

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