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Starting with, or backing down to, a more basic smartphone is a great option when you’re not ready to buy the newest model on the market. Whether you’re searching for your child’s first smartphone, a device for your grandparents to stay in touch, or you just want a smartphone that’s simple to use, Cellular Sales has a device for all essential needs. 

Smartphones can be intimidating for many. All the notifications, tracking, games, and fancy cameras can lead to headaches instead of entertainment. The following devices give you the great features you want without being clouded by those you don’t need.

Choose the phone for you

Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung Galaxy A51

The Samsung Galaxy A51 offers the features of Samsung’s popular flagship models without all the bells and whistles or the hefty price tag, ideal for beginners.

The entry-level Android phone features a long-lasting battery to get you through the day. The Fast-Charging feature will kickstart your battery so you can power up in a pinch and stay connected.

motorola moto g power

The fast and affordable motorola moto g power easily lasts for up to three full days on a single charge so you can ditch the charger and do more of what you want without worry. While the phone is low in price, it’s not low in features. The entry-level smartphone has a triple camera system captures everything from ultra-wide shots to ultra-close ups. The moto g power features 64 GB of storage, Dolby® tuned stereo speakers, and a water repellent design that makes it spill, splash, and sweatproof. 

Moto g power smartphone
Apple iPhone 13 mini

Apple iPhone mini

The idea of the latest Apple Pro device may seem daunting to you. If you want to dip your toe in the iPhone world, consider iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini, which pack a powerful punch for their condensed size. The entry-level iPhone has the same capabilities as higher-end smartphones at a lower price. The lightweight design is great for beginners to easily hold, slip in their pocket, and single-handed typing.

Man studying with smartphone with "do not disturb" feature turned on

Tips to get peace and quiet

Some people reach for an entry-level phone due to the simple features and lower cost. Others have one major reason for downgrading their phones: escaping the endless depths of scrolling.

If you’re concerned about excessive screen time, you don’t have to ditch your smartphone. You can keep your powerful device and still limit your digital noise, retaining the ability to have all the tech you want at your beck and call with the following features. 

Airplane mode

Select this mode from your Settings to turn off your connection to the outside world.

Do not disturb

Simply turn off all noise and notifications with the “Do Not Disturb” setting and check your messages when you feel like it. 

Selective notifications

To regain your attention span, tell certain apps to shush. Go to settings and turn off notifications one by one. You may want to receive email notifications but not be alerted whenever your Pinterest board gets a new like. 

Try apps

It may seem counter-intuitive, but some apps can help deter your attention from your phone screen. 

Get incentivized when you put your phone down through the app MILK. Earn points anytime you trade in your smartphone for a little me time. 

The Forest app creates a fun, interactive challenge for users to build a digital forest. When you open the app and leave your phone alone, the forest grows. When you start scrolling, leaves fall off, and your tree dies. 

Visit your local Cellular Sales to find the best entry-level smartphones that are easy-to-use and keep you connected at an affordable price.

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