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Ways to help small businesses during the pandemic

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, small businesses have had to quickly adapt to accommodate a safer shopping experience. If you’re interested in helping your favorite small businesses during these unpredictable times, here are some ways you can contribute:


Take advantage of curbside options.

Many businesses had to pivot their services to accommodate increased safety measures, including curbside pickup. Taking advantage of these services helps keep you and their employees safe while still giving them your much-appreciated business.

Cellular Sales is offering curbside service for all your wireless needs, too. Whether you’re ready to upgrade your device or just need help with your bill, just call your local store to set up an appointment.


Purchase gift cards.

If your favorite local shops are temporarily closed or you just don’t want to get out and shop right now, buying gift cards is a great way to help small businesses supplement their lost income.


Tip a little extra.

Because the pandemic has led many businesses to start delivering, you may encounter more delivery workers than you used to. Tipping them a little extra can go a long way, especially if their business had to temporarily cut their pay.


Write positive reviews.

For small businesses, building a positive online reputation can sometimes make or break them. Leaving a positive Google review or social media review about your experiences can attract more people spread awareness.

If you’ve had a great experience at a Cellular Sales store, let us know on Google. Your feedback helps us continue to improve and provide you with our one-of-a-kind shopping experience.


Engage on social media.

Social media is an important way for businesses to update store hours and procedures, sell items virtually and spread the word about their products and services. Interacting with their social media pages and sharing posts with your friends can have a huge impact on their business during these difficult times.

Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for exclusive deals, tech tips, new product releases and more.


Take advantage of sales and discounts.

Many small businesses have released new deals and specials during the pandemic to attract new customers. By purchasing something from them, you’re helping them stay afloat, all while getting a great deal.

Check out our latest deals and offers on the best tech, from smartphones to tablets and more.


Donate your services or expertise.

Offering your professional skills to businesses that need them can be the thing that keeps them from closing. Whether you’re a marketer, a gardener, or anything in between, see how you can be of assistance to the small businesses in your community.


Be patient.

These are stressful, uncertain times for all of us. Even though things look much different, businesses and their employees are doing the best they can to adapt. Just being patient and extra kind when interacting with them can make all the difference.

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