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Using a Roku, Firestick or Apple TV to stream your favorite movies and shows

Looking for easier ways to stream movies, shows and music? Streaming devices are a great way to connect all your favorite streaming platforms and channels in one place. Just plug them in to your TV to get started!


Here are a few different streaming devices and their features. Check them out and see which one is best for you:



Roku was one of the first streaming devices to hit the market, revolutionizing the way we watch TV. It combines your local TV channels, cable TV channels, and streaming platforms all in one easy-to-use interface. Just add the channels you like, use the Roku remote to sign into your streaming accounts, and you’re all set. One huge benefit of having a Roku is that it isn’t partial to any particular streaming service – it’s a generalized setup that allows you to customize it however you like.

Plus, there are plenty of different Roku products to choose from according to your needs and preferences: Roku Express, Roku Premiere, Roku+ and Roku Ultra. Each step up provides better streaming quality and other additional benefits, like longer wireless range and advanced remote controls.


Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon’s rendition of a streaming device, the Fire TV Stick, is a big hit with Amazon fans. It integrates the Amazon Prime platform and Alexa voice commands into your streaming experience. Pair it with your Echo, Echo Dot, or speak directly into the remote and Alexa will find what you’re looking for. It also supports 4K video with Dolby Vision, so you can stream YouTube videos, live TV, or the season finale of your favorite show in high definition.

Want access to 70+ live channels, including local sports and news? YouTube TV requires no contract or cable box, but gives you access to all your favorite cable TV channels, plus your favorite movies and shows. Verizon customers get their first month of YouTube TV free. Visit our website or ask your local Cellular Sales wireless expert for more information on how to get signed up.


Apple TV

Calling all Apple lovers! The Apple TV has the same Apple interface you know and love, plus any other streaming service you may have. Even if you aren’t typically an Apple fan, the Apple TV has features everyone can appreciate. You can access the Apple App Store and add as many channels as you’d like to its platform, from streaming services like Hulu to Apple Music and more. Verizon customers get an Apple Music subscription completely free with select Unlimited plans. To learn how to upgrade, visit your nearest Cellular Sales store.

In addition to streaming, if you have an iPhone, you can “mirror” your phone screen on your TV, making your messages, games, and other apps easily viewable on the big screen. The Apple TV is also 4K compatible and has Siri voice options.


Google Chromecast

A Chromecast is one of the most affordable streaming devices, but unlike the other streaming devices listed here, it doesn’t come with a remote. Instead, it works with Google Assistant on your smartphone to voice search whatever you’re looking for. Just call up Netflix, Hulu or Disney+ and Google Assistant will search for it, communicate with your Chromecast, and display it on your TV. Android smartphone and tablet users love the Chromecast, but it’s compatible with Apple devices, too.


Interested in giving Disney+ a try? If you’re a Verizon customer, you can get your first year of Disney+ completely on us. Visit our website or call your local Cellular Sales store for more information.


No matter what smartphone you have or what streaming service you prefer, these streaming devices can make playing your favorite movies and shows a whole lot easier.

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