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Apple iOS 14 features

Top 10 “must try” features of iOS 14

It’s no secret that Apple’s new operating system, iOS 14, is a total game changer. We’ve highlighted some of the biggest features here so you can start exploring right away.

Apple iOS widgetsWidgets and Smart Stack

Perhaps the biggest and most popular feature of iOS 14 is the ability to add widgets. There’s a widget for pretty much everything… weather, music, clock, calendar, photos, podcasts, and more. Drag them to any of your home screens and customize their size to fit perfectly around your other apps.

You can also access Smart Stack in your widget gallery, which compiles a set of widgets you use most and brings them to the surface based on time, location and activity.

App Library

The new App Library, similar to the app drawer on Android devices, automatically organizes your apps based on usage and activity. This allows you to remove apps from your home screens without removing the app from your phone completely. The new iOS 14 also allows users to hide home screen pages, making it much easier to access the App Library.

App Icon Customization

Using the Shortcuts app, iPhone users can change app icons to any image they want. Combined with the new widget feature, you can completely transform your home screens to fit any aesthetic you want.

Pin Messages, Replies, and More

Always texting the same people? You can now pin their messages to the top of your messages list rather than scrolling through to find them. Up to 9 message threads can be pinned at once. Users can also reply directly to specific texts within a thread with inline replies, @mention members of a group text directly, and create group photos using Memojis.

Apple iOS shortcutsMemojis

More customization is a huge theme in this update, including your Memoji. Apple has released new hairstyles, headwear, stickers, age options, expressions and more, allowing you to customize your Memoji down to every last detail.

Calls and Bluetooth Connections as Banners

Instead of taking up the whole screen when a call comes in, iOS 14 now displays calls as banners at the top of your screen, so your activity won’t be interrupted. A banner showing a Bluetooth device has been connected also appears at the top of your screen now.

Picture-in-Picture Support

This iPad feature is now available on the iPhone. Picture-in-Picture allows you to watch videos or use other apps while on a FaceTime call. Just swipe from the bottom of the screen to leave the app and the video will shrink into a smaller window automatically. If you’re not a fan of this feature, it can be turned off in Settings.

QuickTake Video

Instead of swiping over to video mode, just hold down the shutter button. QuickTake captures a short video for you and saves it to your camera roll. Easy peasy.

FaceTime Eye Contact

Apple users don’t have to choose between making eye contact with the camera or watching the screen while using FaceTime. FaceTime now has an Eye Contact feature that makes it seem like you’re making eye contact with the person on the other end of the call. Though it’s a subtle feature, it can make all the difference in making you feel even more connected.

Back Tap

This new accessibility feature lets you double or triple tap on the back of your iPhone to complete certain functions. You can change those functions in your settings to whatever you think you’ll use most, like turning the volume up, activating Siri, and more.

We haven’t even covered half of the exciting new features included in iOS 14, but Apple has provided a detailed list of every addition here.

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