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Summer activities for kids of all ages

Kids will be out of school soon, meaning the unofficial start of summer has arrived. Here’s to picnics, sandcastles, pool parties, road trips, and cookouts. Pair these summer activities for kids with your wireless devices for the ultimate sunny day adventures.

Get moving outdoors

Scavenger hunt

Make a list of items for your child to find around your yard or neighborhood. Or download the Scavenger Hunt app for a premade scavenger hunt list. When your kid finds an item listed, they snap a pic and move on to the next.

Keep an eye on their adventure using your Samsung Galaxy S22+ paired with the Verizon Smart Family Plan. This plan gives you tools to help monitor your kids’ tech use, location, and more for a stress-free summer.

Take a hike

Whether it’s a stroll around the block or a more challenging hike in the woods, getting active outdoors is ideal for exercise, fun, and family bonding. Make sure your child is wearing their Gizmowatch 2 to keep track of the steps they take. It’s durable and waterproof, so it can handle the adventure.

Build an obstacle course

Use objects you already own like boxes, hula hoops, or baskets to create a backyard course. Set up a stopwatch on a tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, so the kids can compare their times. Don’t let the big screen fool you. Its lightweight design makes it perfect for toting around the yard.

A family of four sits on the couch, eating popcorn and watching a movie. The children cover their eyes as they sit on their parents' laps.

Make the most of a rainy day

While getting fresh air is fun, sometimes a day inside is what your family needs. When the weather is less than ideal, make sure you prepare activities to keep the kiddos occupied.

  • Build a fort. Gather blankets, sheets, and pillows, and let your kids get creative. Use the couch, chairs, and clothing racks to help make a fun fort.
  • Plan a movie marathon. Turn the family room into a home theater. Gather everyone on your couch and stream family movies on Disney+. Or give your kid some screen time to watch their favorite content on the TCL Tab 8. Eye Comfort and Dark mode let them enjoy all their Disney favorites without eye strain. The Disney Bundle comes free with select Unlimited plans.
  • Have a dance party. Get their little bodies moving even if they can’t run outside. Choose a playlist together full of fun music for kids, blast the songs on the JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker, and let them bust a move. Or grab a pair of headphones for a quieter solo groove session.
  • Make custom pizzas. Get everyone involved by setting out personal pizza dough for everyone. Let them choose their toppings for a dinner they will love.

DIY crafts for kids

These summer crafts for kids allow your child to show off their creativity and give them something to remember about their summer break.

DIY phone case

Let your child showcase their creativity by decorating a phone case. Top off their newly decorated phone with a screen protector and pop socket for more protection and personalization. Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions on making a DIY phone case.

DIY bird feeders

Decorate an empty milk or juice carton and cut an opening for the door. Glue half of a large popsicle stick below the opening for the bird to perch on. Use a string to hang the feeder from the tree. Then fill it with bird food, and let your child watch for birds throughout the summer.

DIY scrapbook

Help your kid to capture photos with your Google Pixel 6. The upgraded camera lets in even more light and detail. Features like Motion Mode and Face Blur are perfect for kids taking pics while on the move. At the end of the summer, create a scrapbook together of all their pictures and keepsakes.

A child reads a book while lying on a wooden bench next to a lake during sunset.

Keep kids’ brains active

School may be out, but summer offers all kinds of learning opportunities for kids. 

Kids’ science experiments

You can do many at-home science experiments with little prep using items you already have around the house. They are fun and interactive activities to keep kids busy, and they also allow them to learn something new.

For example, grab a can of shaving cream, a jar of water, and food coloring. Fill the jar ¾ full of water. Spray a “cloud” of shaving cream on top until it’s just a bit above the top of the jar. Take a pipette with colored water and squirt it on top of the shaving cream cloud. As the colored water saturates the “cloud,” it will drip into the jar like rain.

Create a summer reading club

Compile a list of books you all want to read over the summer. Read them together each night or turn it into a competition to see who can read the most books by the time school starts again.

Use the Libby app to peruse the “shelves” of your local library right from Apple iPad Mini. It fits in the palm of your hand, making it the perfect size for kids.

Whether you turn these summer activities for kids into the season’s bucket list or pick just a few of your favorites, you’ll find them all in our stores.

Visit your nearest Cellular Sales for all the wireless tech your family needs to have a summer to remember.

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