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Is a glass screen protector really worth it?

We weighed the pros and cons of getting a glass screen protector for your smartphone so you didn’t have to.

Should you buy a glass protector for your smartphone’s screen?

You might be surprised to hear that this is a topic of lively debate, all over the internet! Some people say it’s absolutely necessary, while others call screen protectors a waste of money. So, who’s right?

It depends on what model of phone you have, and how willing you are to either buy a new phone or pay to get your cracked screen replaced. While we’re on this topic, you should make sure you’ve enrolled in Verizon’s Verizon Protect—that way, you’re covered if you find yourself with a smashed smartphone.

If your smartphone is new, the glass of the screen is likely very durable. Even so, tossing your phone into your purse or pocket to roll around with keys, Chap Stick and who-knows-what is just asking for scratches and nicks.

Even with new, hard-as-nails glass, your smartphone screen is susceptible to scratching. Your screen may be at risk if it’s exposed to sand, scraped on rough asphalt in the parking lot, or dropped on any hard and uneven surface. If you truly expect that none of those things will ever happen during your relationship with your phone, then you really don’t need a screen protector.


Glass screen protectors vs. plastic screen protectors: which should you get?

Well, it’s all up to you, really. The plastic tends to be cheaper, but more easily scratched. The glass protector could break, but it’s much easier and cheaper to replace than your actual screen. Plus, the feel of a glass screen protector is closer to the feel of your actual screen, which some people prefer.

Ultimately, the thing that matters the most is whether your screen protector is made for your model of phone. You want it to fit your screen just right, or it won’t do the job.

How do you apply a screen protector?

It depends on which one you buy. If you buy your new smartphone at a Cellular Sales store, we’ll be happy to help you apply your new screen protector before you go!

But, if you’re a DIY kind of person, here are a few good pro tips:

1. Use a microfiber to clean your phone’s screen. Even just a little bit of oil or dirt will compromise the seal between the protector and screen.

2. Some protector manufacturers advise using a tiny bit of soapy water while applying it to the screen. It’ll help remove irritating bubbles and folds in the plastic.

3. Use the credit card trick: position the protector, then use the edge of your credit card to carefully press it down with a scraping motion.

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