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Santa tracker

Santa tracker apps and activities for kids of all ages

If your kids (and the kids-at-heart among you) are eager for a visit from Santa this holiday season, you’ve got some fantastic options for tracking his journey. We’ve compiled the best Santa tracker apps available, along with activities you can enjoy as the countdown begins. Remember to leave out a snack for the big guy and his reindeer. They’ll be working hard to reach every house in time.


Santa Claus is coming to town

Here are a few of the most popular Santa tracker apps around. Keep a close eye on his progress and stay entertained with lively graphics, puzzles, games.

Official NORAD Santa Tracker – tracking won’t be live until December 24th, but kids can still listen to music, visit the gift shop, and learn more about Santa, holiday traditions, and NORAD in the meantime

Google’s Santa Tracker – this colorful and immersive app delivers charming animations and games that let you explore Santa’s village, memorize his elves, and even help Santa get ready for a selfie

Dualverse Santa Tracker – designed for iPad and available in the Apple Store, this option includes a countdown clock and features to see not just where Santa is, but what he’s up to


Have fun while Santa’s on the way

While waiting to hear the click of reindeer hooves, keep the kids busy with crafts and activities to celebrate the occasion. As a result, they may be so tired afterward, they won’t try to sneak out of bed to get a look at the presents left under the tree.

  1. Watch holiday movies – use GroupWatch on Disney+ to spend time with faraway loved ones
  2. Bake cookies – recreate or update your favorite recipes with assistance from your own elves
  3. Have a dance party – start with our holiday playlist for timeless classics and current hits
  4. Hang a banner – all you need is some construction paper, string, and markers
  5. Decorate your smartphone – add some seasonal cheer to your smartphone with a few tricks

The holidays are busy for everyone. With shopping, last minute work projects, and the demands of family life, it’s easy to lose track of what really matters. You can reclaim some of your quality time and make new memories using wireless devices to enhance low tech holiday traditions.


Shop the latest tablets and smartphones and be prepared to take on the season. Don’t forget to install your own Santa tracker app.

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