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Safe Halloween activities during COVID-19

Staying healthy this Halloween doesn’t mean giving up everything that makes it fun. With a little preparation, you can celebrate safely while minimizing the risk of illness.

Halloween and Social Distancing

COVID-19 concerns will be in focus throughout the holiday season. One of your best defenses against the virus remains social distancing. If you’re going out in public, remember to observe social distancing measures by standing 6’ or more apart, wearing a face mask, and disinfecting your hands and common surfaces. The CDC offers additional tips for a low-risk Halloween.

If you’re having a gathering, it’s best to strictly limit the number or guests. Even better, make the holiday more memorable by only including those in your household or getting together with loved ones through a group video chat.

Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating

The coronavirus has put a temporary hold on many large in-person gatherings, including trick-or-treating, but you can still throw a (small) monster bash with some smart planning and the use of your smartphone, tablet, or TV and these safe Halloween activities.

  1. Gather the best ideas. As you get ready to entertain, organize your top Halloween costume, decoration, and recipe ideas. Using an app like Pinterest or Evernote to sort your favorites can help to keep you inspired, on track, and stress-free.
  2. Keep your traditions. There’s no need to ditch your favorite parts of the holiday. Carve pumpkins, bob for apples, and make a batch of your best hot chocolate if you want. Can’t make it to the store? Shop with a grocery app for delivery right to your door.
  3. Build a stellar soundtrack. Set the mood with the right music. Use your Apple Music or Spotify account to create and curate a killer playlist. Share your picks or choose from ready-made Halloween music playlists to get the party going.
  4. Make it a movie night. Streaming services like YouTube TV and Disney+ offer group viewing options, so you’ll have plenty of moral support when watching from your couch, bed, or elaborate blanket fort. If you’re new to these services, purchasing a smartphone with an unlimited data plan will get you a free month of YouTube TV or a year of Disney+ to explore.
  5. Encourage friendly competition. Work as a team to unlock unnerving mysteries or dance off a sugar high with popular mobile games. Select from crowd favorites like Clue, The Room series, or Houseparty, all available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Create More Fall Fun

Keep the festive spirit alive all season long with more safe Halloween activities during COVID-19. Fall is the perfect time to visit a pumpkin patch, go apple picking, wander a corn maze, or take a hayride. All of these are doable – and just as enjoyable – with social distancing. Many restaurants and businesses are also offering dining or events with public health in mind. You’ll still have lots of opportunities to celebrate, even if Halloween this year has to be a more hands-off than usual.


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