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Mobile Games with Friends

More fun games to play with friends – social distancing edition

There’s a huge variety of enjoyable smartphone games out there, but what about games you can play with your friends? Check out these smartphone games you can play with others, no matter where you’re located.


Mario Kart Tour (iOS & Android)

Playing Mario Kart through an app is a bit different than having a controller in your hand, but it’s just as fun. Once you download the app and create a Nintendo account, you’ll have to play a few matches on your own before you can invite your friends to play. Once the first level is cleared, you can add friends using their Player ID or Nintendo account.


Pokémon GO (iOS & Android)

Wanna catch ‘em all? Pokémon GO lets you explore your surroundings and catch Pokémon, hatch eggs, battle other trainers and more. You can add friends by connecting the app to Facebook or by using their Trainer Code. Once you’re connected, you can send each other gifts, trade Pokémon, battle one another, and more.


QuizUp (iOS & Android)

QuizUp is a fun way to flex your trivia skills to your friends. Questions are split up in categories, much like Trivial Pursuit, so you can choose which categories to play. You can match up with random opponents from around the world or invite your friends to play along.


Houseparty (iOS & Android)

The Houseparty app combines video chatting with virtual gaming, allowing you to see and communicate with your friends while you play games together. Playable games include Heads Up!, Trivia, Chips and Guac, Quick Draw, and Word Race.


Sky: Children of the Light (iOS & Android)

Get the videogame experience without the gaming console with Sky: Children of the Light. Your objective is to explore the kingdom of Sky, solve mysteries in the seven realms, and return fallen stars to their constellations. To play with friends, just send them a QR code friend invite. Step-by-step instructions can be found here.


Evil Apples (iOS & Android)

Evil Apples is a mobile rendition of Cards Against Humanity, a game best suited for players 17 and up. Players take turns being the Judge, reading a prompt from a stack of cards. The other players must play a card from their hand they think will make the Judge laugh the hardest. Whoever wins the most rounds wins the whole game.


Psych! Outwit Your Friends (iOS & Android)

If you’re a fan of Balderdash, you’ll probably love this app. Each player takes turns creating fake answers to different trivia questions. You’ll earn points for each player you “psych” into choosing your made-up answers, but those who can guess the true answer win points for themselves. To play with friends, just start a game in the app and send them your secret game code.


GamePigeon (iOS)

For you Apple users out there, the GamePigeon app is integrated into iMessage so you can play games with friends without leaving your inbox. There are currently 23 different games to choose from, including 8-Ball, Sea Battle, Cup Pong and more, giving you and your friends endless opportunities for fun.


No matter how far you are from your friends, you can still have fun together with these mobile games.

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