CS Tech Tip: How to take photos of fireworks

July 1, 2020
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Taking clear and crisp photos of fireworks can be tricky, but these tips can help.


  1. Stabilize Your Device

Whether you’re using a smartphone or tablet, make sure your device is as still as possible. This will prevent your photos from being blurry or out of focus. There are plenty of affordable tools that can help with this, like tripods, camera stabilizers, and gimbals.



  1. Lower the Exposure

Since fireworks are very bright, they can sometimes look overexposed in photos. To avoid that, try dialing back your exposure just a little bit. This will darken the photo just enough to make the fireworks look clear and not too bright.

If you’re familiar with photography and want a more advanced tip, turn down the ISO. Lowering your ISO prevents your photo from looking grainy or overexposed. Most smartphone cameras don’t allow manual adjustments since they have advanced built-in software, but the Camera+ 2 app or Camera FV-5 Lite app lets you alter the ISO, aperture, and more to your liking.



  1. Turn Off the Flash

Even though it’s usually dark outside during a fireworks display, the flash isn’t needed. If the flash is on, it will mute the details of the fireworks and make your photo look overexposed.



  1. Switch to Landscape Mode

Try turning your phone horizontally and shooting photos in Landscape mode. You’ll have a wider view to work with, plus they translate better on TVs and computer monitors.



  1. If All Else Fails… Try Video!

If you’re struggling to get a good photo, record a high-definition video of the fireworks instead. Once the show’s over, you can grab photo stills from your video, make a GIF, or post your recording to social media as-is.

No need to be a photography pro to get good shots of the fireworks this Fourth of July. Using our tips and your smartphone or tablet, you can share your fireworks photos with pride.

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