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Smartphone Holiday Home Screens

Decorate your smartphone this holiday season in 6 easy steps

There are so many fun ways to get into the holiday spirit, including decorating your smartphone. With these steps, your home screen will look like a winter wonderland in no time.

Smartphone holiday home screenStep One: Pick a Theme

Whether you’re a fan of the classic red and green, prefer the winter wonderland look, or really love snowmen, you’ve got plenty of options. Whichever theme you land on, keep it in mind as you move through the next steps.


Step Two: Find a Festive Wallpaper

Make your smartphone wallpaper your canvas. Pick a solid background throughout or change up every page of your home screen for some variety. Nothing’s stopping you from creating an entire gingerbread village or a snow-covered forest. Pinterest is a great place to find free wallpapers that fit your screen size, like these created by Whitney Blake.


Smartphone holiday home screen widgetsStep Three: Decorate with Widgets

Widgets are a fun way to customize your home screen even more by adding extra details to complement your theme. Give your calendar widget a seasonal makeover, add your favorite holiday movie quote to your home page, or use photos from your camera roll for a personal touch.


Step Four: Jazz Up Your App Icons

Take your design skills a step further and change your app icons to match your festive wallpaper and widgets. Keep it minimalistic with simple icons or festoon your screen with candy cane stripes and garland. The possibilities for personalization are endless, especially with themed icon downloads like these.


Step Five: Holiday Ringtones

Whether it’s the theme song from your favorite holiday movie, a classic Christmas jingle, or anything in between, a fun holiday ringtone adds a nice touch to your freshly decked-out smartphone. If you’re having trouble deciding, listen to our 2020 holiday playlist for a little inspiration.

Step Six: The Finishing Touch, Your Case!

You’ve decorated the inside of your smartphone, but don’t neglect the outside. If you have a clear case, try trimming a picture or photo so it fits underneath as a quick and easy way to update it for the holidays. Some ideas include:

  • Family holiday portraits
  • Wrapping paper
  • Paper snowflake
  • Grandma’s eggnog recipe

Even better, treat yourself to an eye-catching protective case that matches your holiday aesthetic, like this twinkle case by Case-Mate.

Now that your smartphone is holiday-ready, show off your spirit on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Last-minute shopping for your loved ones this season is easy with our help. Check out our holiday gift guide or swing by any Cellular Sales location to find the perfect gifts for those who matter most.

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