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Holiday playlist

Holiday playlist making 101

A year as dramatic as this one has been requires a memorable send-off. However you plan to celebrate the holidays – whether it’s among family, at a socially distanced get-together, or fully remote with a video conferencing app and glass of mulled wine – music always makes it better.


Head to your Apple Music account to begin exploring options for creating a brilliant holiday playlist. We’ve included several excellent suggestions below to get you started.


Start with the Basics

When you begin building your list, a 5G plan and powerful smartphone, like the LG Velvet 5G UW or Apple iPhone 12 Pro, will come in handy. Get superior speed and network coverage so you can find, stream, and add songs anywhere you are, whenever inspiration strikes.


Next, you’ll need a solid foundation. Here are a few well-loved classics that never fail to evoke a fuzzy sense of nostalgia for years gone by.

These songs are perfect to listen to while pulling decorations out of the garage or sitting in front of the fire wrapping presents. Take the music anywhere in your home with the JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker.


Throw in a Little Intrigue

Add character to your custom holiday playlist and help to fight off a post-dinner coma. Include a handful of twists with unconventional selections, updated covers, and irresistible beats.

If your tablet, phone, or speakers are too far away from the table, don’t worry. Your tracks are available with a flick of the wrist on an Apple Watch SE. Enjoy your music right through dessert and coffee.


End on a High Note

When you’re ready to close out the evening, be sure to end your holiday playlist with a real showstopper. For our final category, one song reigns supreme. It sits at the very center of pop cultural phenomena, high key holiday spirit, and top-grade ear worm material. Best known for blaring through all major department stores exactly one minute after Thanksgiving has ended, this priceless auditory treasure is, naturally:

We know this iconic single may be a heavily acquired taste, however, so feel free to listen to it on repeat through your Apple AirPods or JBL Tune Wireless Headphones without the judgmental stares of others. Meanwhile, here are more big, catchy hits for a crowd-pleasing finale (even if that crowd is just you in your best reindeer pajamas).

holiday playlist


Listen to our 2020 Holiday Playlist on Apple Music and get in the spirit.


Create your own seasonal soundtrack with the best tools available. Visit our stores to find wireless devices and mobile accessories that will add more joy to your holiday playlist.

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