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Disney+ holiday streaming

Disney+ GroupWatch helps you get together, apart

When it comes to watching great movies and television, sharing the experience is part of the magic. But if you’re staying put for the holidays, getting together in person isn’t always an option. Disney+ GroupWatch helps you regain that feeling of connection and community even when you and your favorite viewing partners aren’t in the same home, city, or state.


What you get with GroupWatch

GroupWatch is a recently released viewing option on the Disney+ streaming service. It’s convenient and easy-to-use for friends and family who want to watch a movie or show together from different places.


Access your favorite Disney media instantly and start a seasonal movie marathon with “Noelle” or the “Lego Star Wars Holiday Special.” Score double the points for double the holidays with “A Nightmare Before Christmas.” Discover the wonder and excitement of the Marvel Cinematic Universe all over again. Discuss Luke Skywalker’s space hermit fashion choices in “The Last Jedi.” Follow Nat Geo Wild’s “Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet” to find out how she trims the hooves on an angry musk ox. You’ve got loads of options to get you through to the new year.


Make it a (viewing) party

Up to seven friends or up to four profiles on a single Disney+ account can stream together. Hosting a GroupWatch is simple:

  1. Select the GroupWatch icon on the Disney+ mobile app or the Disney Plus website
  2. Click the “Invite” button to generate a link to a GroupWatch room
  3. Click “Copy Link” and choose your preferred sharing method
  4. Send

Joining a Disney+ GroupWatch is just as straightforward as hosting one. When it’s time to start watching, everyone logs in on their choice of device or a connected TV. You’ll be able to see who’s entered the GroupWatch room at any point during the stream.


Enhance your experience

Enjoy accessibility and interactivity throughout the viewing session with a selection of features, including:

  • Reactions
    Send your reactions to every GroupWatch member’s screen. Click on an emoji in the web player or swipe left to display emoji options on the Disney+ mobile app .
  • Subtitles and Audio
    Customize viewing with audio and subtitles that will only apply to your screen. Enjoy GroupWatch your way without missing a thing.
  • Multiple Episodes
    Roll right through cliffhangers and complicated plot twists. Stream whole seasons together with the ability to leave at any time.
  • Control
    Anyone in the GroupWatch can stop, play, pause, fast forward, or rewind media for the group. Everyone else can see who’s performing these actions.

GroupWatch for the holidays

Disney+ subscribers or those with a profile on a subscriber’s account already have access to GroupWatch. Just pick a movie and invite a few friends. Then pour yourself a glass of eggnog, grab the leftover gingerbread cookies, and prepare for a wonderful night in. If you don’t have 5G coverage already, consider changing your plan for a faster, smoother, more immersive experience on your smartphone, tablet, or other 5G-enabled wireless device.


Enjoy unlimited data, blazing speeds, and Disney+ on us, including GroupWatch, with qualified plans.

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