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panoramic photos taken with smartphone

CS Tech Tip: How to take panoramic photos

Whether you want to capture the full landscape of fall leaves or you’re just trying to fit the whole family in one shot, panoramic photos are a great way to cover a wide area. Both Apple and Android devices have a “Pano” mode built in, so it’s super easy to get the shot you’re looking for. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get the best panoramic photos:

First, open the Camera app on your device.

To find the “Pano” mode, just swipe through your camera’s presets. Press the shutter button whenever you’re ready.

Next, follow the arrows.

Carefully guide your camera along the arrows in one direction, keeping your hand as steady as possible. The on-screen guides will help you keep things lined up and level. If you start to veer off center, don’t panic. Just slowly correct yourself and keep moving.

Rotate your phone instead of your body.

As you’re following the arrows, resist the urge to turn your hips or move your feet. This will help keep the shot steady. The general rule of thumb is: the smaller the pivot point, the better the image.

Click the shutter button to complete the shot.

Once you’ve finished your shot, review it to see if any spots are blurry or uneven. If someone or something moved while you were taking the photo, it will likely look stretched out and contorted in the final image.

Remember: practice makes perfect.

It can be hard to keep your phone steady and stay within the arrows at first, but with more practice you’ll be sure to see an improvement in your panoramic photos.

Don’t forget to share!

Once you’ve captured a panoramic photo you’re happy with, make sure to share it with your friends and family. You can also send us your best panoramas on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for a chance to be showcased on our page!

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