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Classic Games with Friends

Classic games to play with friends – social distancing edition

With social distancing being recommended around the country, hangouts with friends may be in short supply. Even if you can’t gather in person, you can still host a fun game night with your closest buds. Many classic staples in your board game collection now have apps, making it super easy to have fun with your friends anywhere, any time.


Monopoly (iOS & Android)

The Monopoly app lets you play the classic board game in several different ways – you versus the computer, online with friends, and even in person. The offline multiplayer option allows you to play with your family in person by passing the phone between turns.


Boggle with Friends (iOS & Android)

Shake your virtual dice and create as many words as you can as fast as you can! To play with friends, click on the Friends tab at the top of the screen. You can also play random opponents online.


Scrabble GO (iOS & Android)

If you’re a die-hard Scrabble fan, this app is just for you. Mattel and Hasbro teamed up to create Scrabble GO, so it’s as close to the real game as it gets. You can add friends by phone number or connect the app to Facebook.


Uno (iOS & Android)

In the Uno app, you can play several renditions of the classic card game, including the original version. To invite your friends to play, just click on the “Social” button, then click on the yellow “Invite Friends” button. From there you can send invite links to your friends so they can join in the fun. The game also includes text and talk functions so you can chat with each other while you’re playing.


Yahtzee with Buddies (iOS & Android)

Fans of the classic Yahtzee game will likely love the Yahtzee with Buddies app. To play a friend, just click the “Social” tab at the bottom on the app.


Game of Life (iOS & Android)

While you physically make your way through life, you can virtually do the same with the Game of Life app. Use multiplayer mode to play against your friends and race them to retirement.


Clue (iOS & Android)

Was in Professor Plum in the kitchen with a lead pipe? Work together with your friends to find out which classic Clue character committed the crime using the Clue app.


With all of these classic board games available on your smartphone, you and your friends can have a blast no matter where you are in the world.

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