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Cellular Sales joins Verizon’s “Call for Kindness”

It only takes a little compassion and respect to help make difficult times more bearable. Now, more than ever, it’s important to treat each other well. That’s why we’re happy to join Verizon’s “Call for Kindness” in an effort to drive greater understanding between each other with the wireless devices we use every day.

What it means

The Call for Kindness is a reminder to show appreciation and support for each person behind the mask. Working through a pandemic is hard. We, along with Verizon and several other great retailers, ask that we treat each other with the same care and consideration that we’d show our friends, family, and neighbors.

How to participate

Build momentum for the movement by joining in on social media. You can take part in a few easy steps:

  1. Take a selfie with your smartphone or tablet
  2. Share your photo to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook
  3. Use the hashtag #ACallforKindness.

Be sure to include a caption explaining who you are behind the mask, why you’re participating, and where to find more info. Then encourage others to post their selfies as well. The more people participate, the further the message travels.

Why you should answer the call

Adjusting to increased safety measures and social distancing due to coronavirus has taken a toll on everyone. As a result, we’re seeing many long-lasting economic, physical, and psychological consequences. Last year, the CDC reported an increase in mental health challenges among adults during COVID-19. This has been especially true for essential workers, who have had to balance their job duties with keeping themselves, their workplaces, and their customers safe.

Showing recognition and appreciation for their work, along with respect for their health, can help to make a challenging situation less so.

Other ways to show kindness

Besides posting your own selfie, you can also download kindness cards to share. They’re short and sweet, delivering thoughtful messages and encouragement to those who need it.

You can also contribute your time and money to those who need the most help this season by getting involved with some great charities or community projects. Don’t forget to keep yourself healthy as well with tips for beating the winter blues.

And as always, one of the surest ways to answer the call for kindness during the pandemic is by helping to protect yourself and others in public spaces. That includes properly wearing face masks, observing 6+ feet of social distance, frequent hand washing and disinfection, and treating workers respectfully.

Let’s work together to celebrate what brings us together, even when we have to stay apart.

We’re proud to join other retailers who’ve joined Verizon’s “Call for Kindness.” Find a store near you and experience our outstanding customer service for yourself.

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