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Mother's Day

Best Mother’s Day apps for the best mom

Updated on September 18, 2020

Mother’s Day is around the corner, so what better time to give a shout-out to all the influential women in our lives? We’ve gathered some of our favorite mom-friendly apps and technology so all you mamas, grandmas, godmothers and more can have the best Mother’s Day yet.


When You Need Help Staying Organized

Family Organizer by Picniic (iOS & Android)

Family Organizer is an app made for helping families plan and organize activities together, but also for each family member. You can log information about each event, plan out meals, and even add photos. It’s a great tool for moms with active kids.

Cozi Family Organizer (iOS & Android)

Cozi is another app that helps moms and their families get organized. You can see all your activities for the day in one place, store event details, write out grocery lists and more.


When You Need a Night Out

Bambino (iOS & Android)

Want to go out for date night, or just want a night to yourself? Bambino makes finding a babysitter easy and simple. You can see all the available babysitters in your area, what their hourly rate is, and how they’ve been rated by other parents nearby. You can also pay them straight through the app, so there’s no hassle when you get home.

OpenTable (iOS & Android)

If you’re looking for the best restaurant in town but don’t want to call around, OpenTable is an easy alternative. Through the app, you can book a reservation in over 52,000 restaurants worldwide and check out the menu before you get there.


When You Need Support

Peanut (iOS & Android)

Peanut is a social networking app just for women like you, no matter what stage of life you’re in. You can chat, join groups related to specific interests, share questions and tips, and so much more. Whatever you’re going through, there are women out there who can lift you up and show you the support you need.

Social.Mom (iOS & Android)

Social.Mom is another great app that connects you to other moms from your neighborhood. You can be yourself, talk about real things you’re going through, and just relax.


When You Need to De-Stress

Calm (iOS & Android)

Calm is one of the leading apps for meditation, sleep and mindfulness. You can choose short 3-minute guided meditation sessions or longer 25-minute sessions, whatever your schedule allows. Calm can help you manage anxiety and stress, improve focus, boost self-esteem and more.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (iOS & Android)

Getting enough sleep is important, especially as a mom. Even if you can’t get a full eight hours, Sleep Cycle wakes you at the best time to come out of your natural sleep cycle. Unless, of course, the kids jump in the bed first.


When You Want to Stay Connected

Verizon Smart Family (iOS & Android)

There’s a lot of scary stuff on the internet these days; fending off cyberbullies and inappropriate websites seems like just the tip of the iceberg. But with Verizon Smart Family, you can breathe a little easier. You can set content filters, text and call limits, and check your child’s location all from the app. Try it out for 30 days free. After that, it’s just $4.99/month.

Mix & Match Unlimited Plans

Verizon’s Mix & Match Unlimited Plans allow you to choose the perfect plan for each member of your family. If your teenager is a gamer, the Play More Unlimited plan is perfect for movie, music and video streaming. For the mamas who want a little bit of everything, Get More Unlimited gives you the ultimate in performance with extra features. Plus, if you have a younger child who is ready for their first phone, the JustKids plan is made with their safety in mind. You can manage screen time, filter their content, and track their location so you’ll always have peace of mind.

We know being a mom isn’t easy, but we’re here to help make parenthood a little easier.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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