Best Apps for Your Fourth of July!

Taking Pics of Fourth of July Fireworks

The Fourth of July is right around the corner! It’s the perfect holiday for spending time with friends and family, grilling out, and celebrating our freedom.

Whether you plan on hosting a party, traveling to see friends and family, or just chillin’ at home, these apps will be sure to make this the best Independence Day yet.

To use these awesome apps, you’ll need a smartphone or tablet. Visit your nearest Cellular Sales store and check out our deals!



iLightning Cam 2 for Apple

If you love taking photos of the fireworks on the Fourth, you’ll love this app. iLightning Cam 2 is originally designed to take brilliant photos of lightning strikes, but also works well for fireworks. It uses real-time light detection and takes photos quickly, so you get the perfect shot every time. Just point your smartphone towards the fireworks, start the in-app camera, and wait. It will automatically press the shutter button if fireworks are detected.

If you have an Android, Lightning Camera has the same impressive features as iLightning Cam 2. Just aim your camera towards the action and watch it work!


Taking photos of fireworks on smartphone camera



Weber iGrill for Apple and Android

If you plan on grilling out this Fourth of July, the Weber iGrill app can help. It takes the guesswork out of grilling, so you’ll get a perfectly cooked meal every time. You just pair the app on your smartphone or tablet with any iGrill, Pulse, or Kitchen Thermometer product from Weber via Bluetooth and let it do the work for you. It will tell you what temperature to cook your meat, how long it should stay on the grill, and when it should be flipped or adjusted. It’s super user-friendly and easy to use, perfect for any skill level.

If you don’t want to keep your smartphone preoccupied while cooking, a tablet might be a great solution! For a limited time, you can get $100 off select tablets when purchased on device payment or 2-year agreement plan. Visit your nearest Cellular Sales store or check out our deals page to learn more!



Yummly for Apple and Android

Looking for the perfect Fourth of July recipes to share with your friends? Yummly’s got you covered. First, it features over 2 million recipes to choose from, so your possibilities are endless. Every week, thousands of recipes are added from top sites like Allrecipes, Epicurious, Food52, and other food blogs. Next, you can tell Yummly what you like and don’t like and it will filter out recipes that wouldn’t be the best fit for you. If you have a food allergy or are on a strict diet, Yummly can help you find tasty diet-friendly recipes. Plus, it offers step by step guidance, video tutorials, timers, and more handy tools to make your cooking experience hassle-free. Yummly has it all!


4th of July picnic table and food



UV Lens for Apple and Android

When you’re having fun with your friends and family, it’s easy to forget when you last applied sunscreen. Prolonged exposure to the sun can take a serious toll on your skin, and the last thing we want is a nasty sunburn.

UV Lens helps you safely enjoy the sun. It gives you the UV index forecast for the day and helps you plan the safest time to be outside. Plus, it takes a personalized skin type assessment and estimates how long you can spend in the sun without sunscreen before you start to feel the burn.

With sunscreen application reminders sent directly to your smartphone, the days of getting accidentally sunburnt are long gone.


Two people relax on a boat for 4th of July



GasBuddy for Apple and Android

If you’re traveling for the Fourth, GasBuddy is a must-have. This app helps you locate gas stations near you with the lowest-priced gas and can filter them by price, location, brand, and added amenities like car washes, restaurants, etc. It also notifies you of price hikes, so you can fill up before gas prices increase.

Even better, GasBuddy uses motion detection to show you what activities aren’t fuel-efficient and finds deals at local convenience stores. It’s estimated that GasBuddy users save around $350 a year! Never pay too much for gas again, especially during your holiday travels.



Waze for Apple and Android

Another helpful travel app is Waze. Waze always knows what’s happening on the road and notifies you in real-time, so you’ll never be caught off-guard by construction or road closures ever again. Your ETA is based on live traffic data, so it’s always accurate. Waze relies on input from other drivers, too, so if someone spots a hidden police officer on the highway, you’ll know about it before it’s too late.

Love listening to music during your drive, but don’t want to switch between apps? Waze allows you to listen to your favorite music, podcasts, and more through the app, so your eyes never have to leave the road.

Check out our holiday travel blog for more about the Waze app.



Boomerang for Apple and Android

No matter how you choose to celebrate the Fourth of July this year, remember to document your holiday memories with pictures or, in this case, mini videos. Once you tap the shutter button, Boomerang shoots a burst of 10 images and turns them into a short video loop that captures a fun moment in time. Then, save it to your camera roll or upload it to Facebook or Instagram straight from the app. Boomerang brings your memories to life in an exciting, shareable way.

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