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Best apps for school: what every college student needs

Going to college is exciting, but it can also be stressful. You’ve got to buy books, move into the dorms, take exams, make friends — the list goes on. Make the transition smoother with the wireless tech you already have. Below, we’ve gathered the best apps for school that every college student should download.

Prep for the first day

College Packing List (for iOS)
Avoid a stressful move-in day with this school app for students. Your move will be easy, organized, and most importantly, you won’t forget anything. Start with a master list of everything you need, then break it down into several categories. As you pack each item, you can check them off the list on your Samsung Galaxy S22. Its protective design can handle a few drops and dings during the move.

Campus Books (for Android and iOS)
Picking up textbooks is an old and (sometimes) beloved college tradition. But it isn’t always easy on the wallet. Campus Books allows you to search multiple booksellers for the best deal from your Motorola Edge 5G. At the end of the semester, you can use the app to sell your textbooks back.

Balance your budget

Mint (for Android and iOS)
Create a budget and set up different categories depending on your goals and needs. You can limit how much you want to spend for each, like transportation, meals, and streaming entertainment.

RoverTown Student Discounts (for iOS)
There are some sweet student discounts out there. RoverTown Student Discounts finds them all and compiles them into one simple location. Download the app to your iPhone 13 Pro Max show businesses your screen at checkout. For online shopping, copy and paste from one page to the other.

While searching for all the deals, take advantage of the Verizon student discount. Pay less on plans for 5G phones like Google Pixel 6. College students can save up to $25/mo. on all Unlimited plans. This means you’ll have more money for that iced coffee before your 8 a.m. class.

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Study like a pro

OFFTIME (for Android and iOS)
Stay focused when you need it most. Use this app to avoid distractions while studying the notes you took on Apple iPad Pro. You can block websites, apps, texts, and phone calls for a certain amount of time.

Quizlet (for Android and iOS)
Quizlet is the studying aid every college student should have. Choose from millions of pre-made digital flashcard sets or make your own and use them from your 5G smartphone or tablet. It makes studying convenient and accessible.

Write A+ essays 

Grammarly (for Android and iOS)
This writing assistant is one of the best apps for school. It automatically detects grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in your writing. Download on all your devices, including Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G. All your emails, essays, and assignments will be error-free.

CliffsNotes (for iOS)
This app has become an educational staple for students. CliffsNotes helps you brush up on character, plot, and theme and read summaries of the books you’ve read (or may not have read). It also includes audio, so you can listen to the notes on the way to class with your wireless earbuds or headphones.

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Jumpstart your social life

Friender (for Android and iOS)
Whether you’re looking for a workout partner or someone to grab drinks with, Friender is the app to help you meet your future bestie. Take an introductory survey that lets you choose activities you’re interested in. The app will suggest people who match with at least one of your favorite activities.

Put your safety first

bSafe (for Android and iOS)
The safety app for students can be activated by saying a key phrase or touching your Samsung Galaxy Watch4. The watch is a stylish tech companion so you can wear it on a night out. bSafe will automatically record whatever emergency you’re in and send it to “guardians” you’ve assigned.

Balance your health  

Sworkit Fitness (for Android and iOS)
If you want to be a little more active but don’t have the time, Sworkit is for you. Customize workouts based on your mood, how long you want to exercise, and what type of activity. Even choose a body part you’d like to focus on toning. Set up your Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+5G using the Tablet Folio in your dorm between classes to follow the workouts.

If going to the gym or workout videos aren’t for you. Use Apple Watch Series 7 to track all your steps walking around campus. Most doctors recommend 8,000 to 10,000 steps each day for improved health and longevity. You can also use your smartwatch to connect to the Mindfulness app and relax amidst all the college chaos.

The best apps for school aren’t complete without the best tech for students. Visit your nearest Cellular Sales to find the top wireless devices.

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