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Back to school Tech

Back to school tech for the whole family

Time flies when you’re having fun! It’s hard to believe it’s almost back-to-school time. Getting in bed on time, driving to and from school every day, enforcing good study habits… we know it can be stressful for both parents and kids to get back in the groove of things. Luckily, technology can be a huge help for kids and their parents, both inside the classroom and at home. Check out these back to school tech ideas and how they can help.

Verizon Smart Family App

For parents with younger children, it can be hard to decide when to get your child their first phone. With a Verizon plan that best fits your family’s needs, your kids can experience the freedom of having their first phone without compromising your peace of mind. You can manage their screen time, filter content, track their location and more. Plus, you can avoid data charges with Safety Mode and set parental controls with the Verizon Smart Family App.

We also have a variety of entry-level smartphones that are available with a monthly discount when switching or adding a new line, such as the Apple iPhone SE, LG V60 ThinQ, Motorola moto z4, and more. To learn more, visit your nearest Cellular Sales store and speak to any of our expert sales consultants.

If you and your kiddos already have smartphones but still need a little help getting back into the swing of things, there are some other cool apps and back to school tech products that can help.


Resetting Your Body Clock

Sleep Cycle App

Sleep Cycle (iOS & Android)

If you struggle with falling asleep at night or waking up on time (especially after staying up late all summer), Sleep Cycle can help. This app helps you wind down at night and tracks your sleeping patterns. There are several different soothing sound effects you can choose from, like ocean waves or sizzling rain, that help quiet your mind and ease you to sleep. Once you’re asleep, Sleep Cycle can sense when you’re tossing and turning or snoring and rates your quality of sleep. Then, when it’s time to wake up, the alarm gently rings while you’re in a light sleep phase. No more loud, panicked alarms that nearly give you a heart attack every morning. The app stores the data and displays it in a weekly or monthly format, so you can see how well you’ve been sleeping or how often you’re restless at night.

Mother and daughter using tablet for school


Keeping Yourself & The Kids on Track

Once school starts, there’s one thing that seems inevitable – homework. It can be hard to find the self-discipline to sit down, study, and complete assignments after relaxing over the summer. Sometimes just keeping track of everything is the hardest part.

Egenda App

Egenda (iOS & Android)

Another helpful homework management app is the Egenda Homework Manager. You add the classes you’re in, then fill in your assignments and their due dates. You can also add notes to each assignment to help you keep track of your group members or other special instructions.


Boy Using Smartphone for School Math

Studying Hard

Technology can sometimes be a necessity when completing your homework, especially when you can’t immediately get help from a teacher.

Khan Academy App

Khan Academy (iOS & Android)

Khan Academy is a free resource that can walk you through almost anything. They have videos and interactive exercises on tons of subjects: math, science, economics, finance, grammar, history, government, politics and more. You can even test yourself with practice exercises and quizzes. If you’re working on math homework, the Graphing Calculator X84 app (iOS & Android) might come in handy, too. It can do anything a physical graphing calculator can do, all from your smartphone.

Quizlet App

Quizlet (iOS & Android)

If you’ve got a big test coming up or just want to stay on top of things, Quizlet can be a useful tool. You can create your own flashcards or use flashcards other students have created. Quizlet also offers different ways you can study the flashcards you create – you can write in the answer, match them up like a memory game, or just flip them over. Teachers can even create flashcards specifically for their class and share them with their students.

Looking for a better way to study on the go? A new tablet is the perfect homework companion. They’re lightweight and easy to bring with you, so you can be productive anywhere you go. Visit any Cellular Sales store or check out our deals page to find the tablet that’s best for you!

Kids Using Tablets at School

Staying Safe

Hum App

Hum (iOS & Android)

As a parent, sending your child off to school at any age can be nerve-wracking. Their safety is always your number one concern. For the new drivers in the family, Hum is a great product to have on the road. With the Hum app, you get 24/7 access to roadside assistance, maintenance reminders, speed alerts and navigation. Plus, with HumX, you can connect up to 10 devices to its portable Wi-Fi hotspot. With so much that can go wrong on the road, having that extra peace of mind is priceless. You’ll never have to worry about your child being stranded alone without access to help. Visit your nearest Cellular Sales store or check out our deals page to see how you can save on Hum and other back to school tech today!

life360 app

Life360 (iOS & Android)

Life360 is also a helpful app for the whole family to use. You can create your own “circle” of family members, teammates, or close friends and see their real-time location on a private map only visible to those in the group. It also displays each user’s battery percentage and sends alerts when Circle Members have left or arrived at their destinations.

These apps and back to school tech products can help set your family up for success this year. Wishing you a safe and happy school year!

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