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5 of the best apps for managing stress

Whether you’ve got a demanding job, high-maintenance pets, or are in the middle of an existential crisis, stress is a constant risk to your mental and physical health. It’s important to understand not just what causes it, but how to relieve anxiety. When you need a moment of relaxation or a daily regimen to help keep your cool, we’ve found the best apps for managing stress. Learn more below.


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National Stress Awareness Day is November 3rd

While this may sound like another novelty holiday, its purpose is significant. So, what is stress awareness day and what is it for? It’s an occasion meant to draw attention to the many ways stress can take a serious toll on your body and mind. 

According to WebMD, several common health issues can be caused or worsened by stress. These include:

  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s

In addition, it can contribute to accelerated aging and, in some cases, dying prematurely. 


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Stress relief apps can help you care for yourself

Managing your stress and anxiety levels can help you enjoy a longer, happier life. We’ve put together a list of our picks for the best apps for managing stress, each with a different approach. Simply download any or all of them to your smartphone or tablet, and start experiencing greater peace of mind.

  • Calm – This meditation app helps you destress, improve focus, form better habits, and get better quality sleep at night
  • Breathwrk – Use breathing exercises to settle your mind, whether you’re on your daily commute or taking a hike in the mountains
  • Reflectly – Write out your thoughts and practice mindfulness right from your iPhone 13 Pro Max, knowing it’s all protected with built-in security features
  • Happify – Train your brain to overcome negative thoughts with psychology and cognitive therapy techniques
  • Pocket Yoga – Follow soothing yoga and stretching exercises on your motorola one 5G ace’s 6.7” Full HD+ Max Vision display during lunch breaks to feel calmer and more focused


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Destress anywhere with wireless tech

What works best for you – whether it’s a luxurious bubble bath, hitting the gym, or a mobile app to support your mental health – can vary. Regardless of the approach you choose, make sure you’ve got the tools you need for the best experience possible. 

Use the heartrate and sleep tracking tools on Apple Watch Series 7 to improve your workouts and downtime. Put together a playlist to get your serotonin pumping and enjoy a one-person dance party with Beats Studio Buds. And make sure you avoid any slow internet-related blood pressure spikes with an ultra-fast 5G plan.

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