Verizon protect

Rest easy with device protection, security, and support. Cover one device for $17/mo, or cover three to ten devices for $50/mo.

Same-day device replacement.

Get your replacement device delivered, set up, and data transferred the very same day it’s lost, stolen or damaged (in most cases).

Unlimited screen repair.

If the screen on your eligible smartphone shatters, your day doesn’t have to. Get your screen fixed for only $29 as soon as the same day, each time you need it.

Battery replacement.

Don’t let battery issues drain you. Get help fast at a Verizon Authorized Repair Facility.

Tech Coach.

Live, on-demand access to Tech Coach experts who can help you optimize your device and answer virtually any question. Download the Tech Coach app to learn more.

Security and Privacy.

Protect your smartphones, tablets and home computers from online threats and get around-the-clock peace of mind. Avoid risky websites and downloads, block and remove malware and viruses, and identify which mobile apps are accessing your private info.

Wi-Fi security and protection.

Connect to public Wi-Fi with confidence. Safe Wi-Fi’s advanced VPN technology makes your Wi-Fi connection secure and private.

Identity theft monitoring.

Your identity should only beling to you. Take control with always-on ID monitoring, dark web surveilance, theft alerts and recovery tools.

Identify unknown numbers.

Answer with confidence with Caller ID and real-time spam alerts. Get more control by blocking unwanted calls by risk level, a personal spam and block list and spam lookup feature.

What's next?

Enroll within 30 days of your device activation. Then download these Verizon Protect apps on your devices.

tech coach icon

Tech Coach app

Download the Tech Coach app so our tech experts can walk you through your setup and device options.

tech coach icon

Digital Secure

After enrolling, download the Digital Secure app to get protection from online threats.

tech coach icon

Call filter

After enrolling, download the Call Filter app to screen unwanted calls and shut down spam using the spam filter.

* Enroll a single line with an eligible device in Verizon Protect for $14 or $17 per month, depending on device type. Verizon Protect Multi-Device (MD), which provides coverage for 3 lines, is available for accounts with 3-10 lines with eligible devices for $50/month. To cover more than 3 lines, enroll in Additional Coverage (available with Verizon Protect MD only) for an additional $11/mo (up to 10 lines max). Operating System restrictions apply. Select features may only be available on smartphones and tablets running iOS 10 or higher or Android 4.4.1 or higher.