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Verizon myPlan perks now include Netflix and Max

A young black woman wearing earbuds and a light pink sweatshirt smiles her lit smartphone screen with "myPlan" in the foreground.

Streaming your favorite shows and movies is easier with myPlan’s latest perk. Now for only $10/mo., you can bundle Netflix and Max (with ads) into your mobile plan. Customize your wireless experience with a range of popular services for entertainment, music, storage, and more. It’s all just $10/mo. each, so you can stack the savings. […]

“Is my phone 5G?” and other top 10 questions about 5G, answered

Wireless has undergone some big changes over the past couple of years, namely the introduction of 5G. While 4G and 4G LTE are still widely available, 5G has quickly become the new standard. Below, we answer some common questions (including “is my phone 5G?”) about this tech and what it means for you. Top 10 […]

Grow your company with Verizon business plans from Cellular Sales

Running a business comes with a lot of unexpected pitfalls. As your company evolves, those obstacles only become larger and more complex. You need solutions that not only help to solve your most pressing issues, but scale to grow as your business does. Rather than going it alone with the possibility of making some very […]

Get Verizon teacher and student discounts at Cellular Sales

Student taking selfie with classmates and teacher

The wireless devices that children use at home are also commonplace in their classrooms. They’re now as likely to reach for a laptop or tablet instead of pencil and paper to complete an assignment. Parents, students, and educators can find the devices they need, with discounts on qualifying plans, at Cellular Sales. Learn more about […]

Smartphone shopping tips for the technically challenged

Ask an Expert

For the not-so-tech savvy folks out there, keeping up with all the latest technology can be intimidating. That’s where Cellular Sales wireless experts like Jason Klempner can help. Jason is a Senior Wireless Expert in the Hilton Head area who loves helping people like you find the perfect smartphone to fit your needs, no matter […]

How to take photos of the night sky with your smartphone

Astrophotography Night Photography

You don’t need a fancy camera and a telescope to take beautiful photos of the night sky. You can capture clear, crisp photos of the stars using just your smartphone. Check out these handy astrophotography tips: Download an app specifically for astrophotography or night photography. Your smartphone’s default camera settings aren’t always ideal for low-light […]

Streaming for free with unlimited data plans

Verizon Unlimited plans include Disney Plus

Love streaming your favorite movies, shows and music on your smartphone, tablet or TV? With so many streaming services to choose from, it’s hard to decide which is best for you and your family. If you need help choosing, here’s some good news: with Verizon Unlimited data plans, you can stream the latest movies, music […]

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