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Better phone privacy with built-in security tools

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Threats to your data are more widespread and harder to detect than ever. Make it difficult for criminals to invade your phone privacy or access photos, financial info, and other sensitive documents. Use your device’s built-in tools and available services to check “improve security on my phone” off your tech to-do list. Understanding mobile threats […]

“How do I find my lost phone?” Here’s what to do

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According to phone insurance provider, Asurion, 8.7 million phones were lost or stolen in 2021. That’s more than 24,000 phones each day. With numbers like those, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We’ll help you answer the question, “How do I find my lost phone?” Keep reading for our tips on prevention, finding your […]

Verizon Mobile Protect and Home Device Protect offer security and savings

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Safeguarding your wireless tech — and the people who use it — starts with choosing the right products. For Verizon customers, it’s easy to get the support and services you need. Learn more about device protection options below. On the couch: Verizon Home Device Protect Even if you consider your household fairly low tech, you’ve […]

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