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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of National Lazy Day

Hey Siri, play “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars. August 10th is National Lazy Day! Who doesn’t want to celebrate an awesome holiday like that? There are tons of different ways to take it easy, but we have some suggestions that will make your lazy day a million times more enjoyable. So kick back, relax and check out these products and apps built to help you chill.   Turn on “Do Not Disturb”   It [...]

2020-05-26T17:17:39+00:00August 7th, 2019|Blog, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Streaming|

Back to School Tech for the Whole Family

Time flies when you’re having fun! It’s hard to believe it’s almost back-to-school time. Getting in bed on time, driving to and from school every day, enforcing good study habits… we know it can be stressful for both parents and kids to get back in the groove of things. Luckily, technology can be a huge help for kids and their parents, both inside the classroom and at home. Check out these back to school tech [...]

2020-05-26T17:17:44+00:00July 17th, 2019|Family, Lifestyle, Seasonal|

Must-Have Travel Apps for Summer!

Planning a summer vacation is no small feat, especially when you have a family. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of top-rated travel apps to help you on your summer adventures! We’ve got every part of the trip covered, from booking a flight to finding the best restaurants. No stress, no hassle. You've got this!   First things first, you’ve gotta decide on a destination. Want to hit the beach? Road trip across the U.S.? [...]

2020-05-26T17:17:46+00:00July 10th, 2019|Lifestyle, Travel|

Best Apps for Your Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July is right around the corner! It’s the perfect holiday for spending time with friends and family, grilling out, and celebrating our freedom.   Whether you plan on hosting a party, traveling to see friends and family, or just chillin’ at home, these apps will be sure to make this the best Independence Day yet.   To use these awesome apps, you’ll need a smartphone or tablet. Visit your nearest Cellular Sales [...]

2020-05-26T17:17:50+00:00July 2nd, 2019|Blog, Lifestyle, Seasonal|

Best Smartphone Cameras for National Selfie Day

June 21st is National Selfie Day! What better way to celebrate than with your smartphone? Celebrate yourself and snap some selfies with these impressive smartphone cameras. Stay tuned until the end for some selfie tips and tricks!   Google Pixel 3 The Google Pixel 3 has one of the best smartphone cameras on the market right now. With a 12.2 Megapixel rear camera and dual 8 Megapixel front cameras, you’re guaranteed to capture crisp, clear [...]

2020-05-26T17:17:54+00:00June 21st, 2019|Lifestyle, Photography|

5G – What You Need to Know

Updated on December 10, 2019   You might have heard a lot about 5G lately. Verizon is the first carrier to roll out this new technology, but it’s only launched in a handful of locations so far, leaving many wondering, “So… how does it work?”   What is 5G?   Before we explain how 5G works, let’s first explain what it is.   5G is the fifth generation of wireless broadband technology that won’t replace but [...]

2020-05-26T17:17:56+00:00June 19th, 2019|5G, Tech News|

Is a Glass Screen Protector Really Worth It?

We weighed the pros and cons of getting a glass screen protector for your smartphone so you didn't have to.   Should you buy a glass protector for your smartphone’s screen?   You might be surprised to hear that this is a topic of lively debate, all over the internet! Some people say it’s absolutely necessary, while others call screen protectors a waste of money. So, who’s right?   It depends on what model of [...]

2020-05-26T17:18:03+00:00February 6th, 2019|Blog, Tips and Tricks|

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