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Top apps everyone should have on their phone

A young Black man wearing a denim shirt sits at a table. He's wearing a Bluetooth ear bud and smiling down at his phone.

Apps are the soul of a smartphone, and say a lot about the person who owns it. When it comes to social media, productivity, health, fitness, entertainment, and games, the options are endless. We’ve put together a list of the top apps everyone should have on their phone. Most popular social media apps New apps […]

10 apps for workaholics to help you work smarter

A woman with braided brown hair eats a sandwich and holds a phone between her ear and shoulder while rushing to work.

July 5th is National Workaholics Day, dedicated to those who work harder and longer than everyone else. The demands of a busy schedule can quickly become overwhelming. Use your wireless devices and these apps for workaholics to help you focus, manage time, and prioritize your obligations. Apps to make your work week easier Evernote– Download […]

Tech tips for weather preparedness

A smartphone held in a person's hands displays a weather preparedness app.

Inclement weather can ruin even the most well-planned activities. It also poses many dangers that you can minimize with the right tools. Below, we give you our top recommendations for wireless devices and weather preparedness apps that can help keep you safe, up to date, and connected when it matters most. What’s the weather going […]

How to take real estate photos with a smartphone

realtor takes real estate photos with a smartphone

When featuring a home, one of the fastest ways to get the traffic you want is by posting clear, well-composed photos that display the property’s standout selling points. This is where your smartphone becomes your most powerful advertising aid. If you’ve been wondering about how to take real estate photos with a smartphone, keep reading. […]

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