Return policy

Worry Free Period. If you are not satisfied with the wireless device(s) identified in the Bill of Sale (your “Device”), we will afford to you a refund or credit toward an alternative device provided: (i) you return the Device to a Cellular Sales store within 14 days (the “Worry Free Period”), with today being considered day 1 and (ii) the Device is returned in the original box along with the included accessories, packaging & UPC label, all in like-new condition (the “Return Conditions”). If you return your Device and elect to cancel your Verizon Agreement rather than select an alternative device, the RESTOCKING FEE then in effect will apply, and CERTAIN VERIZON FEES MAY NOT BE REFUNDED (see below). If you cancel your Verizon Agreement (including porting to another carrier) and fail to return the Device, (i) you will forfeit the Equipment Discount and agree to reimburse us in accordance with the Equipment Discount provision below, or (ii) in the event the Device is subject to a Device Payment Agreement, you agree to pay to us the Total Sale Price as set forth in the Device Payment Agreement, less the First Payment Due, if any, which was remitted at the time of sale (the “Device Payment Recovery”). RETURNED DEVICES MAY BE RESOLD. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DELETING ALL DATA ON ANY RETURNED DEVICE AND AGREE TO HOLD US HARMLESS FROM AND AGAINST ALL CLAIMS ARISING FROM THE EXISTENCE OF YOUR DATA ON THE RETURNED DEVICE.

Non-Contract Devices and Accessories. The Worry Free Period does not apply to returns of devices which were not purchased in conjunction with an activation of a new Verizon account or in conjunction with an upgrade to an existing Verizon account (a “Non-Contract Device”) or to products other than wireless devices (“Accessories”). Returns of NonContract Devices and Accessories are at the discretion of Cellular Sales based on purchase date, condition, and other applicable factors, and Cellular Sales reserves the right to reject any return of a Non-Contract Device or Accessory.

APPLIED A DISCOUNT TOWARD THE PURCHASE PRICE OF YOUR DEVICE ([insert make/model/ESN]) TOTALING [$insert ED] (the “Equipment Discount”). The Equipment Discount is subject to the following conditions which must remain satisfied during the next 181 days: (i) the Verizon account (your “Verizon Account”) associated with the following telephone or data line: [insert Applicable MTN] (the “Applicable MTN”) must remain active and in good standing; (ii) the plan minutes, data package and features now active with the Applicable MTN must not be reduced to levels which result in a deactivation chargeback to us from Verizon; and (iii) your Device must be initially connected to and remain connected to the Applicable MTN. IN THE EVENT OF A FAILURE OF ANY OF THESE CONDITIONS, YOU WILL FORFEIT YOUR EQUIPMENT DISCOUNT, AND YOU HEREBY AGREE TO REMIT IT TO US ALONG WITH APPLICABLE SALES TAX.

Payment Terms and Payment Card Authorization. In the event you become obligated to pay the Equipment Discount or the Device Payment Recovery, you agree to remit full payment within 10 days following demand, and if you used a charge, credit, or debit card (each, a “Payment Card”) for today’s purchase, YOU AUTHORIZE US TO RETAIN YOUR PAYMENT CARD INFORMATION IN THE FORM OF A SECURE MULTI-PAY TOKEN AND TO CHARGE YOUR PAYMENT CARD to recover the Equipment Discount, if forfeited, and any owed Device Payment Recovery in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein without demand.

Rebates. In the event that your device is eligible for a mail-in rebate from Verizon, it is your responsibility to submit all appropriate forms and other materials necessary to the Verizon rebate center.

Device Payment Agreement. If your Device is subject to the Device Payment Agreement, you have agreed to pay for your Device by making monthly payments which will be included with your Verizon bill. If you entered into a Device Payment Agreement prior to the expiration of your existing Verizon Agreement, you accepted a promotional offer from Verizon which requires you to return your existing device to Verizon and may include other terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to ensure all terms and conditions of the Verizon promotion are satisfied.

Your Verizon Agreement. Your relationship with Verizon, which is governed by your Verizon Agreement as well as the Device Payment Agreement, if applicable (the “Verizon Agreements”), is separate and distinct from your relationship with Cellular Sales. The following summary highlights a few of the terms and conditions of the Verizon Agreements. In the event of a conflict between any provision of the Verizon Agreements and the summary set forth below, the provision of the Verizon Agreements shall control.

Cancellation. You may cancel your obligations related to the Applicable MTN under your Verizon Agreement by giving notice to Verizon within 14 days (today is day 1). BE ADVISED, HOWEVER, THAT, IN THE EVENT OF CANCELLATION, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL USAGE FEES INCURRED; AND ACTIVATION FEES AND UPGRADE FEES WILL NOT BE REFUNDED AFTER 3 DAYS.

For questions about or assistance with the terms outlined above, please contact the Cellular Sales Customer Support Team at 877-851-0649.