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Welcome to 5G Home Internet.

Installation is quick and easy. Do it yourself in minutes. Get started today and enjoy all that 5G Home has to offer.

Let’s start setting up.

Check out the video and follow our guide below.

Step-by-step instructions
  1. Download the My Verizon app to your phone and log in
    • Scan the QR code in the Quick Start Guide or ask your consultant for help
  2. Tap “Begin Setup” to find the nearest 5G antenna(e)
  3. You’ll want to place your 5G Internet Gateway in the optimal location for 5G reception
    • Inside your home
    • Near an outlet
    • Preferably near a window (upstairs works as well)
    • Away from moisture, bathrooms, or the kitchen
  4. Unbox your 5G Internet Gateway and mounting bracket
  5. Snap the mount into the bracket
  6. Connect the AC adapter to the power cord
  7. Connect the power cord to the device and the closest outlet
  8. Once the 5G Internet Gateway is powered on, pair it with your phone through the app
    • A blinking white light means it’s starting up
    • A blinking blue light means it’s ready to be paired
  9. When the light blinks blue, hit Continue on the My Verizon app
  10. Now start looking for the best spot to set up
    • Check for the signal strength indicator lights (red, yellow, or green)
    • Hold the Gateway for two seconds against different spots on the window or wall
    • Swivel the device left and right, if needed, until you get a green light

Let’s get squared away.

Once you’ve found the right spot and a strong signal, it’s time to get the 5G Internet Gateway mounted.

Drywall instructions
  1. Place the mounting bracket against the wall where you found the best signal
  2. Mark both holes with a pencil and use a power drill where the holes were marked
  3. Hammer in the wall anchors into the holes
  4. Set the bracket back in place and screw it into the anchors (don’t over tighten)
  5. Put the ring back onto the wall and the 5G Internet Gateway into the mounting bracket
  6. Plug in the device and re-confirm a strong signal (green light)
  7. Optional: use the cable management clips from the accessories box to keep the power cord out of the way
Window instructions
  1. Use an alcohol wipe to clean the window
  2. Once the window is dry, peel the sticker from the mounting plate
  3. Press the bracket against the window for 30 seconds
  4. Attach the mounting bracket to the sticker
  5. Add 5G Internet Gateway to the bracket and plug it back in
  6. Ensure the signal strength light is still green
  7. Optional: use the window wedges to keep the window from being opened, and the cable management clips to keep the power cord out of the way.
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