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Cellular Sales Call Marketing Terms and Conditions

The following CELLULAR SALES CALL MARKETING TERMS AND CONDITIONS (these “Terms and Conditions”) apply to persons and entities who have consented to receiving telephone calls from Cellular Sales Management Group, LLC and its affiliated companies (collectively “Cellular Sales”).

  1. Applicability. Cellular Sales, through its website, customer facing interactions, and other means, may, from time to time, provide opportunities for customers, prospective customers, and others to consent to receiving telephone calls containing promotional offers, marketing messages, and other solicitations (collectively, “Marketing Communications”).  By giving such consent, you agree to these Terms and Conditions, as the same may be amended from time to time.
  1. Method of Contact. Cellular Sales may initiate, or cause to be initiated by third parties or by systems operated by third parties, periodic Marketing Communications in the form of telephone calls to the telephone number associated with your consent (each, a “Call”).
  1. Delivery by Automated Means. Calls may be sent to you using automatic telephone dialing or texting systems which may include automated text messages.
  1. Not a Condition of Purchase. You acknowledge that your consent was not a condition of any purchase from Cellular Sales.
  1. Revocation of Consent. You may revoke your consent at any time.  To revoke your consent, you may advise the caller of the revocation when a call is received, contact customer service at 800-342-9727, or visit https://www.cellularsales.com/contact-us/.  Please note that revoking consent to receive Calls will not revoke any consent you may have given to receive Marketing Communications via text messaging.
  1. Marketing Communications When Consent is Not Required. Any revocation of consent will not apply to Marketing Communications which do not, by law, require consent.  To be placed on the Cellular Sales Do Not Call List, please visit https://www.cellularsales.com/do-not-call-policy/.
  1. Privacy Policy. Cellular Sales’ Privacy Policy applies to certain information about you which is possessed, or may come to be possessed, by Cellular Sales.