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Turn the World Into Your Office

Need to get out of the office? Need to work form home?
Just take it with you!

“I’m currently out of the office …”

Here at Cellular Sales, we recognize that there are many reasons a person might have to work from home or outside the office, such as:

  • You don’t want to miss this year’s Razzie Awards Ceremony.
  • Starbucks just rolled out its seasonal pumpkin-flavored latte.
  • It’s No-Pants Wednesday.
  • It’s No-Pants Friday.
  • It’s Friday.

Like you, we’re always looking for ways to squeeze the most out of life. We’re all about productivity, but we believe in that all-important (sometimes elusive) work-life balance. Sometimes we have to get in just one more conference call, or look over that last report for the day, but we don’t want to be late to our kids’ basketball game/ballet recital/karate belt ceremony! Or, maybe you feel the call of the first warm day of spring, and can’t stand another minute under the fluorescent lights. Not to worry, we’re a seasoned tech company. We know how to find apps for that—no matter your reason for making an escape—and we’re more than happy to pass along our knowledge. Call it professional karma.

Read on to hear about some of our favorite ways to get out of the office, but still get the job done:

Dropbox and Google Drive

Dropbox and Google Drive are already staples in the office. They’re also great tools for helping you break free from your daily routine. Work on your report at the coffee shop. Take a break from reviewing the numbers with a walk in the park. Share the latest project with Patrick in Creative Services while you cheer on your middle-school all-star! It’s all at the tip of your fingers, because it’s all in your cloud.


If you can’t get a coworker to drive, then do the next best thing: turn your friendly, neighborhood Uber into a mobile office. Conduct meetings and work on documents without worrying about navigation. Just hail a ride from the app and let your driver do the rest., Skype and Google Hangouts

So you’re settled into your Uber, and you’re about to fire up the meeting. What next? No, we can’t clone you, but we can do the next best thing: point you toward great remote meeting apps. is a meeting app that is simple to use, yet powerful enough to catch the eye of companies like Pinterest and Meltwater. Skype and Google Hangouts let you do anything from interviewing candidates to quick video chats.


Heading back to the office? Your partner is counting on you to deliver last month’s numbers in time for the afternoon review. Keep her blood pressure down with real-time updates on your location, complete with ETAs. Glympse also offers the capability to drop a pin and share your location, so the meeting can come to you.

You know what Shakespeare said: “The world is thine oyster.” We at Cellular Sales don’t necessarily understand that adage, but we like this one: “The world is thine office!” So whether you work from home or the coffee shop, go out and seize the day, like a boss!