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Snapseed Tutorial with Tim

Find out how to use the Snapseed app to edit your favorite smartphone photos!

Photo Ops

Smartphones these days are equipped with ah-mazing cameras, and we at Cellular Sales are always looking for ways to improve our photography skills. (Pssst: we really like accessories like tripods and this Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod to get that great shot.)

But what about after you shoot the picture? Much of what goes into making the perfect image happens after you touch the shutter button. The right editing really polishes a picture, and we’ve discovered that you can do a lot from your smartphone.

Professional photo editing …

… easy enough for amateurs! For this Phone Awesome tutorial, Tim Lucas—Graphic Designer and Photographer at Cellular Sales—recently shared a few of his favorite features on Snapseed, his favorite smartphone photo editing app.

Check out what he has to say in the video above, or read on to get a clearer picture on photo editing with Snapseed.

Note: Tim uses an Android phone. The Snapseed app may look different on iPhone, but will function similarly.

Get Started!
After you download the app from Google Play or iTunes, tap it to open.

Choose your photo!
Touch the plus sign to select an image from your phone’s camera roll. The app will pull the image, and display it with a menu along the bottom of your phone’s screen.

You’ll find a filter gallery (Looks) along the bottom of the screen. Touch it, and experiment by selecting filters to see their effect on your photo.

Healing Brush Tool
Oh man, you’ve got a great picture, there! But it’s not quite right. Maybe you’ve got a photobomber, or (like Tim) some unsightly phone lines in the background. Snapseed has a great solution for this problem, called the Healing Tool. To use it, select the Tools menu. In it, you’ll find a tool labeled Healing. Touch to select. You can the pinch to zoom on your photo, getting up close to the flaw you’d like to erase in the photo. Start tapping the photo to take away the unwanted detail.

Tim’s Tip: Smaller movements yield better results when removing things from an image. For example, in this photo, he makes smaller taps over the power lines in the background, scrubbing them out little by little. As Tim says, “The more time you put into it, the nicer results you can get.”

Add some drama.
Want to add a little artistic flair? Snapseed can help you blur out the background, leaving your subject in focus. Go back into tools, select one called Lens Blur. You’ll then see a target over your photo. Drag it right over your subject, and drag to change the shape of the target to determine what stays in-focus and what’s blurred. Then, at the top of the screen, you can drag left or right to make the blur stronger or weaker.
Once you’ve got your picture looking just right, push the check mark at the bottom right to save your edited image.

Tune Image
This is really a menu for several image treatments. Select it from the Tool menu. Slide up and down to select several categories like Warmth or Ambiance. These tools can add or remove detail, or change the color wash either subtly or dramatically, depending on what you’re going for.
When you’re happy with what you’ve created, select Export at the bottom right. This will save your newly edited image to your camera roll.

Now, show off your fancy new photo! Post it to social media, text it to your kids, or set it as your smartphone’s wallpaper.

And check back soon for another Phone Awesome tutorial!