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Family Group Texts

Check out these tips and tricks on upping your family group texting game!

Hostage Negotiation

Getting the family together can feel like herding cats on the best of days. It’s your right as a parent—nay, your responsibility—to use every tool in your arsenal when it comes to effective communication. We at Cellular Sales believe the family group text is a pretty amazing communication technique. But there are pitfalls when texting. ESPECIALLY in group texting.

To help you out, we’ve put together a few rules we wish someone would tell our own parents:

I've never been held hostage, but I HAVE been part of a group text... So...Rule 1: Proofread 😅

Do a read-over before hitting “send.” Autocorrect? We’re pretty tired of your shirt.

Rule 2: No Gross-outs! 😱

Don’t put in stuff that’s only personal or relevant to one person in the group! Not everyone in the family needs to know details about your daughter’s food poisoning. Not everyone needs to know about your food poisoning, either. In fact, let’s keep food poisoning off the acceptable text topic list, in general. Keep it to discussions on what’s for dinner, or what movie you’re all watching for Family Movie Night … after everyone gets to feeling better.

Rule 3: Give a Shout-out! 😍

Encouragement is definitely a great reason for a family text. Tell Tim you’re thrilled with his new photo project! Send a thumbs-up to Heather for her stellar gymnastics performance! Doing it through a group text will nudge everyone else to join in, too, giving Heather and Tim a boost.


Here’s a scientific fact: a kid can’t roll their eyes if they’re laughing. It’s true. So when you’re getting a consensus on dinner, or lining up everyone’s football practice-playdate-plans-karate-class-clarinet-auditions, add in some silly. Even if you’re not creative with your words, remember: a picture is worth a thousand of them. Check out these apps to amp up the warm-fuzzies, smiles and lolz in your next group text:

Have a good morning!Bitmoji

These customizable avatars get the message across with attitude. Want to say, “Have a great day?” Do it with a little cartoon of yourself, riding a rainbow. Once you set your face, hair and outfit, the Bitmoji app loads an entire library of sentiments, expressed by your little cartoon self!

GIF Keyboard for iPhone and Android

This app, by Tenor, gives you access to all kinds of ways to say it … without saying anything at all. Because, sometimes, words just don’t … you know.

We hope these tips and tricks help you out with your next family group text.